How To Fix Wyze error code 1011?

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Wyze Error Code 1011

We can’t confirm if the Wyze Error Code 1011 is a new or old error but there is no official explanation shared by the Wyze for the error code 1011.

We have found that this error most commonly occurs when users open the app and try to see their device list but in response, they get this error with the error message “Failed to update device list (error code -1011)”.

We also have found that for some users all of their devices are gone from the app and they are unable to add their devices back.

How To Fix Wyze error code 1011?

We have gone through Google, Wyze’s website, and their forum but we have found no solid information which could help fix this error.

But in the Wyze forum, one Wyze team member suggested submitting an App log via account so they can help the user resolve this error.

So if you are having this error code then you should submit an App log via your Account so the Wyze can inspect the error.

  • Go to your Account.
  • Choose Wyze Support.
  • Choose Submit a Log.
  • Choose App and Services.
  • And from there post the log number.

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