How To Fix Wyze error code 3001?

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Last Updated on July 22, 2023

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Wyze Error Code 3001

Are you receiving the error code 3001 with the Wyze? Especially after updating to their latest firmware update.

We also have found that this error is occurring when viewing motion and sound Events.

If you are also having this error then stick to our post to find the possible workarounds.

How To Fix Wyze error code 3001?

Actually, this is the error on Wyze’s end and as per the update from Wyze, they are testing fixes for this error.

So to resolve this error check for any new firmware updates, and if there are any pending firmware updates then consider installing the update to resolve this error.

But If in case you don’t have any pending updates and are using the latest firmware then contact Wyze support to report the error in order to get rid of it.

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