How To fix Wyze Error Code 504?

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Wyze Error Code 504

Are you having the error code “504 Gateway Time-out” error while purchasing the Wyze product or services?

If yes then in this post we are going to share why this error is occurring and possible workaround to get rid of it.

How To Fix Wyze Error Code 504?

Wyze Error Code 504 is the server-side error that can occur because of an AWS outage or because of any other issue with the Wyze server.

During our research, we have come upon a member quote where he mentioned that Wyze support have informed him that this error is coming because of the AWS outage.

In the same thread on their official forum Wyze team confirmed this error, and stated that Wyze is well aware of the issue and they have fixed the issue by now.

So if you are having this error while buying Wyze products or services then this means that ​​Wyze is having some kind of issue right now. And to get rid of the error you can wait for some time and try again. Or you can contact Wyze support to report the error.

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