How To Fix Xbox Error Code 0x80a40026?

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Xbox error code 0x80a40026 can occur to the Xbox Family account when you try to play any game, and the error simply says that “Sorry, you’ll need to ask for permission”. And when you proceed to ask for permission you get this error code.

Xbox Error Code 0x80a40026

As there is no official information shared by Microsoft for this error so it’s very hard to say what exactly is causing the error.

But we have found that there could be only two possibilities whether this is the Xbox Family setting that is causing the error, or there is any bug with the Microsoft family.

If you are also having this error then below in this pose you can find possible workarounds to resolve this error.

How To Fix Xbox Error Code 0x80a40026?

Fix 1: Are You Using a Child Account?

If in case you are using the child’s account then you need to log in through your parent’s account.

Once you are logged in with your parent’s account you need to go to the game which you want to play and tap “Select Account“. Then you need to select the account on which you want to play the game.

Fix 2: Remove & Re-Sign In to Xbox

If you still have the error then try removing the account on which you are having the error from Xbox. And then try signing back in.

Fix 3: Remove And Re-Sign In to Xbox Family

If the error still continues even after trying the above suggestions then you need to remove the account on which you are having the error from the Xbox family and then re-add the account.

  • Go to the Xbox family using any PC/Computer browser.
  • Then remove the account from the Xbox family (need to remove the account which is getting the error).
  • Then reinvite the users to add him/her back to the Xbox family.

Fix 4: Contact Xbox Support

If the error still persists then you need to contact Xbox support as this is the Xbox issue, not the problem of your game.

Simply get in touch with Xbox live chat support and report this error. Let them take care of the error from here.

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