How To Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87dd001a?

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Xbox Error Code 0x87dd001a

Many issues on the Xbox can cause issues during your gameplay and users are now reporting a frequent issue in the form of the error code 0x87dd001a.

These issues can be due to a problem with your console or the connection that you are using. It depends on the error code displayed and what actions you will need to take to eliminate your issue.

In this article, we will look at the Xbox error code 0x87dd001a.

This is an issue that will stall your connection to the Xbox server. If we talk regarding the official support suggestions, you will see that the issue is related to the network connection on the Xbox. However, this is not the only issue that you need to keep in mind, there are several others that we will discuss in the next section.

Let’s solve the error code 0x87dd001a.

How to solve error code 0x87dd001a on Xbox?

The error code 0x87dd001a on Xbox is an issue that makes you unable to connect to the router. 

This pauses the connection to the server and it can be very annoying to figure out what to do when you do not have a game plan. This is precisely what we are going to help you with within this section.

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

The internet connection speed and stability are very important to get connected to any platform on the internet.

You can check the status of your internet connection through internet speed meter tools available for free. Just Google any internet speed meter and run the test to see the upload and download speed for your connection.

If the internet connection is slow, check your internet plan to see if the connection allows the speed at which you can play Xbox games.

If not, switch the internet plan. You can also talk to your internet service provider for better suggestions on connection issues.

Fix 2: Check the status of the Xbox server

The Xbox server allows you to be connected to the features of the game and run the gameplay.

If the server gets overloaded because of immense player volume, the server faces a crash. This can lead to you facing the error code 0x87dd001a or any other error code depending on what you were doing in the game when the server crashed.

There is also scheduled maintenance on the server that is informed to the players beforehand so that they do not have to face inconvenience while the server is out.

Either way, you can check the status of the server here. If the server is down, there is nothing to be done. You just have to wait.

Fix 3: Check the router for glitches

The error code 0x87dd001a is an issue that is specific to the router not being able to connect to the Xbox server.

This can be a specific glitch related to the router. You can power cycle the router and make sure that this temporary glitch is eliminated.

Check if the issue is solved after you power cycle the router and reconnect to the Xbox server.

Fix 4: Check the router for updates

If you power cycle the router and you are still facing the connection issue, this means that the router is not updated to the latest version.

This is often missed by even the most experienced players because people are hardly aware of the fact that they need to update the network hardware. Check for the latest update on the router and install it if you find one.

This might solve the majority of your connectivity issues on different platforms.

Fix 5: Check the game for updates

The Xbox game that you were playing when the error code showed up might be the root cause of your issues.

If the game is not updated to the latest version, it can cause you many troubles and the error code 0x87dd001a is just one of them.

Check for the latest version of the game and install the latest version. Refresh the game and then try to connect again.

Fix 6: Contact the Support team

The Xbox support team is the option that you try when none of the options suggested above have worked for you.

You can raise a support ticket with the Xbox support team and they will help you get rid of the error code by giving you personalized suggestions.

To conclude

The error code 0x87dd001a on Xbox is a network connection issue that is mostly related to problems with the router.

We have suggested solutions that can help you get effectively rid of the error code. We hope that this was a helpful resource to solve your issue.

Keep following for more technical and gaming advice. 

Happy Gaming!!

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