How To fix Xbox error code 0x87e10024?

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Xbox Error Code 0x87e10024

Microsoft Xbox is a great name in the gaming community because of the various features and compatibility it offers to the players.

There are so many players who solely use this device for their gaming and leisure and the company also makes sure to keep developing the product into something more advanced. There are numerous games always launching and new features are added regularly to match the interface of these new additions.

However, these complex developments on the platform also mean that there will be many errors and issues that will need solving down the line.

One of these issues that the players are reporting, is the Xbox error code 0x87e10024.

The error code 0x87e10024 means that you are entering a backward-compatible device into your Xbox.

There are certain issues that you might face while inserting the disk and these are covered in the error code 0x87e10024. The verification of the disk might be the issue, or there might be service interruptions on the same.

We will discuss the possibilities of the error code and the fixes that will help you to get rid of the error code, in the next section.

How to get rid of the error code 0x87e10024 on Xbox?

The error code is related to the disk verification issue on Xbox. There are a couple of different reasons that we need to consider while looking for fixes to this error code. Let’s do that and discuss these issues right with their fixes in this section.

Fix 1: Check the status of the Xbox server

The Xbox server could crash and it does happen when the network is congested due to many players joining at the same time.

When these crashes happen, many different processes on Xbox depending on what you were trying to do when the server crashed will not be available.

If you were trying to add the backward-compatible disk and waiting for verification, you will not be able to go through with that unless the server is repaired. 

Here is the link to check the server status for Xbox.

Check the status of the server and if it is down, shut down all the processes and wait for the server repair.

Fix 2: The game that you are playing is not backward-compatible

If you are trying to play a game with a backward-compatible disk, you need to take a look at the list of games that can be used for the same.

There are certain Xbox games that are not compatible with the backward disk. 

The only way to know this is to check the game details and if it is compatible with the backward disk.

If not, switch the game or try playing without the backward disk.

Fix 3: Temporary glitch with the addition of the backward disk

If the disk is not able to load, it could be because of the temporary glitch. In this case, you can try to remove the disk and wait for a minute before you re-insert the backward disk.

This will reinitiate the loading process for the disk and if there were any temporary issues, they will be removed.

Fix 4: Check for the updates on Xbox

To use the latest features on your Xbox, you also need to download the latest updates on the device.

This provides your device with the latest software additions that are required to maneuver these advanced features.

If the backward-compatible disk is failing in loading on your Xbox, check if you have downloaded the latest update on the device. If not, look for the latest version and download it.

Fix 5: Insert the game disk, not the install disk

Some users have discovered that when you insert the install disk on the Xbox one, you will need to download a 16 GB heavy update.

To avoid this, you will need to revisit your decision of inserting the install disk and trying to make it work. Instead, try to insert the game disk and you can avoid the glitch.

Fix 6: Contact the Xbox support team

The Microsoft support ecosystem extends with an Xbox support branch. They have a great and helpful support team that can help you with any issues on the device that cannot be solved by reading the support instructions on their website.

If none of the above solutions mentioned have helped you, do not hesitate to raise a support ticket. 

You can also raise a question on the player forums where some user discoveries on the error code are located to enlighten you.

You will really find some gold here.

To conclude

The error code 0x87e10024 on Xbox is related to the verification error on the backward-compatible disk.

There are a handful of issues that could be the reason behind the error code and we have discussed them with the solutions.

Hopefully, this was a helpful resource to help eradicate the error code 0x87e10024 on your Xbox.

Keep following for more gaming and technical advice. Happy Gaming!!

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