How To Fix xbox One & Xbox 360 error code 8015000a?

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How To Fix xbox 360 error code 8015000a

Recently many Xbox users are getting the error code 8015000a while login in on Xbox Live.

The error code is appearing with two different error messages which we listed below,

  • 8015000a. The license is missing, expired, corrupted, or does not belong to the Gamertag.
  • 8015000a. Sorry, the Xbox Live profile cannot be downloaded right now. Try again later.

If you are getting the Xbox error code 8015000a then check our recommended steps to fix the issue.

Reasons For The Xbox 360 error code 8015000a

  • Xbox server is having an outrage.
  • There is any temporary glitch with your Xbox console.
  • Xbox console has accumulated some corrupt cache & data.
  • Xbox console need to be updated.

How To Fix xbox 360 error code 8015000a?

Fix 1: Check Xbox Server Status

The main culprit for the error is the Xbox server. I have checked a couple of official threads related to this error code, and I found that the main reason for the Xbox 360 error code 8015000a is the Xbox server.

Even while doing my research I came up with a Reddit thread where one user mentioned that he/she just talked to Xbox support and they advised him/her to wait as the reason for the error is the Xbox server outrage, and the Xbox team is trying their best to fix the issue with the server.

So go to Xbox Live Status page, and Xbox Support Twitter page to check if there is still an outrage going for the Xbox server. If yes then wait till their server gets fixed, because in this case, you don’t have anything in your hand. No matter what troubleshoots you try, you will still get the error.

But if in case you don’t find any outrage with the Xbox server then you can try the below-given troubleshoots to fix the issue.

Fix 2: Use the incognito window on an alternate device

First, try login into your Xbox profile by using an alternate device, and please make sure to use an incognito on the alternate device.

Fix 3: Power Cycle Xbox Console

The next thing which you should try is to power cycle your Xbox console by following the steps given below.

  • Unplug your Xbox console power cable from the wall outlet.
  • Leave the Xbox console unplugged for 2 minutes.
  • After that start the Xbox console and check if the error code is gone or not.

Fix 4: reset Xbox One

Note: This step is only for Xbox one users. If you are an Xbox 360 user then try the next troubleshoot.

  • Tap the Xbox button.
  • Choose Profile & system.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Choose System.
  • Choose Console info.
  • Choose Reset console.
  • Now choose reset and keep my games & apps.
  • Now, wait till the Xbox console finishes the reset process.

Fix 5: Delete Cache Data

Note: This step is only for Xbox 360 users. If you are an Xbox one user then try the above troubleshoot.

This error can also occur due to any corrupted cache files so deleting those files from your Xbox 360 console may fix the issue.

  • Tap the Guide (X logo) button on your controller. 
  • Visit the Settings menu.
  • Now hover over the storage device which you want to clear cache data.
  • Then tap the (Y) button.
  • Choose System Cache.
  • Tap OK when the confirmation window appears.
  • Wait till the process finishes.

Fix 6: Check For Updates

Also, check if your Xbox console doesn’t have any pending updates because any pending updates for the Xbox may cause this problem.

  • Tap the Guide (X logo) button on your remote controller.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Choose  Systems.
  • Then visit Network.
  • Choose Test Xbox Live Connection.
  • If you have any pending updates then the console will show you the option to update.

Fix 7: Xbox Support

If none of the above-given troubleshoots let you fix the issue then try to contact Xbox support and report the problem. There are high chances that they may have any recent update over the error.

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What To Do If You Can’t Access Downloaded Content?

If in case you get the error after redownloading your games and content, then try the solutions given below. First, check for Xbox Live service status, and make sure your Xbox console is connected to the Xbox Live service. Also, check if the content is associated with your original Xbox Live account, and the license is up to date. Also, make sure that content is purchased with your Microsoft Account.

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