How to fix Xbox one Error Code E101?

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Xbox one Error Code E101

If you are having the error code E101 with Xbox one then in this post we are going to address this error and will share possible workarounds.

How to fix Xbox one Error Code E101?

The following Error E101 most often occurs in Xbox consoles when trying to update it. Hence, if you are trying to update your console and are prompted with the following E101 Error message. Then, trying to update your Xbox one console in offline mode should help you solve the issue. 

To do so, you can follow the steps as shown below:

Step 1: Download the OSU1 file

Here, OSU stands for Offline System Update file and you can download it on your PC systems, by clicking on the link given below.


  • Once the OSU1 file has been downloaded, it should be in zipped format. 
  • If so, then you will need to unzip the downloaded file with an Unzipper app and extract it all to a drive or folder of your choice. 
  • Then, from where you have extracted the file, choose the $SystemUpdate file and copy it to the USB flash drive you will use to carry out the offline update on your console.
  • Once copied, unplug the USB flash drive from your PC and carry on with the Updation process shown below.

Step 2: Update your console system

To update your console, you can follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Go to your console’s Troubleshoot menu by pressing and holding on the + and A button on the controller device.
  • Next, plug in your USB flash drive where you had saved the downloaded OSU1 and then head to the next step.  
  • Inside the Start-up troubleshooter menu screen, click on the Offline System update option and go through the prompted steps to complete the update process. 
  • Once the console has been updated, it will restart on its own.

Although, the steps mentioned above are not exactly a fix for the error message appearing on your screen while running an update. It is, however, a workaround to achieve the same.

Once you have updated your console in the offline mode. You can next check if the error still persists when trying to update the console in the future when running an online update.

And if for some reason, even after having tried the steps mentioned, the error still persists and doesn’t seem to go away. Then chances are that the problem may be a bit more serious and it may be caused as a result of a hardware issue.

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