How To Fix If “Xbox won’t turn on after a power outage”?

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Xbox would not turn on after a power outage

Do you also use Xbox for gaming? It is one of the most reliable gaming services and is popular. 

Usually, the gaming device provides impeccable service, but in some cases, specific errors hinder the performance.

Many users on the Xbox communities online report different problems and then also share solutions for the same. 

One such common issue is. The device seems to be working fine and then there is suddenly a power outage that leads to the device going out of power. Even when the connection returns, the device does not turn on.

There are many Reddit threads too dealing with this problem on the Xbox which tells us that this is quite a common problem. In this article, we will discuss how to fix if Xbox won’t turn on after a power outage. We will discuss the probable causes as well as the solution for each cause.

Why “Xbox won’t turn on after a power outage”?

There are not many reasons why your Xbox does not turn on after a power outage. Some specific reasons lead to this error and let us discuss them before we work on the possible fixes.

Reason 1: Your Power Supply is shot.

When there is a sudden power outage, the power outlet that you are using can short circuit due to the sudden voltage change.

When the power outlet short circuits, then it will not be able to provide you with the power needed to run an Xbox controller. Hence, you will experience that after the power outage, the Xbox does not turn on.

Reason 2: The power cord broke

It is possible that if the power outlet had a short circuit, the connecting cable cord that is used for establishing a connection with the Xbox was also damaged.

It is even more common when you use a power cord other than the one provided in the box because that cord might be incompatible.

Reason 3: The Xbox controller is shot

In very extreme cases, it is possible that the Xbox controller circuits also take the hit from the voltage fluctuations. In these cases, the internal circuits will be fried and you may need to get the device repaired or replaced depending on the extent of the damage.

How To Fix If “Xbox won’t turn on after a power outage”?

There are several ways you can solve this particular problem but only in cases where the damage is not severe.

Let us see what can be done to get the Xbox working?

Fix 1: Check the power outlet

Even if you are receiving a light on the power outlet suggesting that it is working, you should still get another device or appliance to connect to the outlet to check if it is working or has some issue.

If the other devices do not work as well, then it is time to replace your power outlet. You can also get it repaired depending on the extent of the damage.

Fix 2: Check the Power Cord

If you find out that the power outlet is working fine,  you should check if the cables are connected to the Xbox firmly.

Also, make sure that the cord you are using is the same one that was provided with the device. Even if it is a different one, it should at least be compatible with the Xbox you are using.

Fix 3: Power Reset on Xbox 

You can also do a complete power reset on your Xbox controller. It is a process that is conducted in steps.

Here is how you can power reset your Xbox.

  • Disconnect all the power cables from the Xbox
  • Wait for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Connect the cords again.
  • Try to switch on the Xbox once again.

Many users swear by this trick when they need to get their Xbox to work after a power outage. If this does not help you, then the problem might lie in the hardware.

Fix 4: Hardware Problems with the Xbox

If the issue with your Xbox is severe and the above fix has not worked for you, then you should instead call a technician. The technician will identify the problems with the Xbox controller.

Many different parts inside the boxing circuit can cause the Xbox controller to not turn on when needed and unfortunately, this is something that you cannot fix on your own.


Normally, the Xbox consoles are designed to be stable during voltage fluctuations but during some power outages either the power supply or the internal circuit of the Xbox console gives up.

In these cases, you can try the fixes that we have mentioned in the article above. Sometimes, when you are sure that the problem is too severe and you will end up doing more harm than good while repairing it yourself, immediately call a technician to help you with the same.

We hope that the article was helpful. Keep reading for more tech-related solutions.

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