How To Fix Yellow Light Blinking On Xfinity Cable Box?

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Xfinity Cable Box Blinking Yellow Light

Does your Xfinity Cable Box blinking yellow? A yellow light on the Xfinity Cable box simply indicates that there is a message waiting to be received but not delivered.

But there can be some reasons for this issue too. In this post we are going to provide you with the possible troubleshoots to fix the issue.

Why Xfinity Cable Box Blinking Yellow Light?

  • There is some temporary glitch with your device.
  • Your device may have come in contact with any virus or bug.
  • Any of the Xfinity Cable Box cables are damaged or loose.
  • There is any issue with your internet.
  • There is any pending firmware update for your Xfinity Cable Box.

How To Fix If Yellow Light Blinking On Xfinity Cable Box?

Fix 1: Power Cycle Xfinity Cable Box

The power cycle simply gives your device a fresh start and helps get rid of unwanted glitches with the device. So before trying some serious troubleshoots we will suggest you to power cycle your device.

  • Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.
  • Now let it unplug for 1 minute, so the remaining power will drain out of the Xfinity Cable Box.
  • Plug-in back the power cable into the wall outlet after 1 minute and turn on the device.
  • Give it the proper time to boot up properly.
  • Then check if the yellow light is gone or not.

Fix 2: There Is Any Virus Or Similar Bug

  • Yellow light blinking may occur if your cable box has come into contact with viruses or bugs. If you are getting repeated notifications or messages then this may happen due to a virus.
  • To check and remove the virus from your cable box connect it to the laptop or computer and run your Antivirus program. The antivirus will identify any virus or any similar bug in your cable box.
  • In case you find any virus or similar bug, run the antivirus program against it to get rid of it. And then check if the yellow light has gone with bugs or not.

Fix 3: Check The Cables Carefully

  • Any damaged or loose cables can also cause yellow light blinking issues. So kindly check each of the cables connected to your Cable box from one end to another.
  • Check if any of them has some damage or frayed, if you find any replace the cable with a new one.
  • If you don’t find any fault with the cables then unplug every cable and plug it back tightly and securely as loose cables can also interrupt your performance.
  • After that, you should restart the device and check if the Yellow light has vanished or not.

Fix 4: Check If The Issue Is Related To Internet Connection

  • If you are running your cable box with an internet connection then you must have a decent connection to run the box without any interruptions. 
  • Check your connection speed and also connect any other device to the internet to check if the connection is fast and stable.
  • In case you are having a bad connection then you are clicking on the notification to open it and close it, but due to a slow connection, it is not registering your request. And as a result, you are getting the issue.
  • If you are having a bad connection then restart your router and modem and if it doesn’t help then contact your Internet Service Provider.
  • Once you have a stable connection open the notification and close it which eventually shuts down the yellow light.

Fix 5: Check For Any Pending Firmware Update For Your Cable Box

If your device is not updated recently and running on old firmware it may cause such issues on your cable box due to outdated firmware. So to avoid such problems check for any pending firmware update manually.

  • Connect your box with your Laptop or Computer.
  • Then log in to your router.
  • After that check, if you have any pending firmware updates.
  • If you find any pending or new firmware update, then please consider updating it.
  • Let the firmware install properly your device will restart automatically.
  • Then check if the yellow light has gone or not after the installation of the new firmware.

Fix 6: Contact Xfinity support

After trying all of the given troubleshoots if the issue is still persisting then it’s time to contact Xfinity support for better help and advice.

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