How To Fix xfinity Comcast error code rdk-03033?

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Xfinity Comcast Error Code RDK-03033

During our research, we don’t find any official explanation of the error code Xfinity Comcast error code rdk-03033, but there can be multiple reasons behind the error code such as internet failure, loose cables, temporary device issues, etc.

If you are getting this error code then try our suggested troubleshoots to fix the Xfinity error code rdk-03033.

This is how the error message will show,

“Something’s not working. Sorry about that. We’ll have this fixed shortly so please try again later. RDK 03033.”

Possible Reasons For The Xfinity Comcast error code rdk-03033

  • Internet failure.
  • Any of the connected cables are damaged or loose.
  • Your Tv Box is placed in a place that is obstructing the wifi signal.
  • There is any temporary glitch with the Tv Box.
  • You have any pending firmware updates.

How To Fix Xfinity Comcast error code rdk-03033?

Fix 1: Check If There Is Internet Failure

First of all, you should check if you have internet failure because of any system outage.

To find out if there is any system outage going on with the Xfinity simply go here, or you can also use the My Account mobile app.

Fix 2: Check All The Cables

Check if all the connected cables are tight and in the right place. To ensure that simply unplug all the connected cables, and insert them again.

If you find any broken or damaged cable then replace it right away.

Fix 3: Check TV Box Position

Make sure that the TV Box is not in a cabinet or similar object which may obstruct the WiFi signal. If yes then reposition the TV Box so a better wifi signal can transmit.

Fix 4: Power Cycle The TV Box

  • Turn off the TV Box.
  • Unplug your TV box power cable.
  • Now, wait for around 1 to 2 minutes.
  • After that plug in the power cable back to the power outlet.
  • Now turn on the cable box and check if you still getting the error.

Fix 5: Check For Pending Firmware Update

During our research, we stumbled upon an official thread where one of the Xfinity team members admit about the error code, and suggested checking for the latest update. He mentioned that the Xfinity team is releasing the fix for the error code rdk-03033 in the upcoming firmware update.

So we will also suggest you to check for any pending firmware updates.

Fix 6: Contact Xfinity Team

If in case any of the suggestions don’t help you to fix the issue then contact the Xfinity support team for better help and advice. They might have any recent updates over this error code.

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