How To Fix Xfinity Stream Error Tvapp-00287?

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Xfinity Stream Error Tvapp-00287

The Xfinity Stream box can be connected to different brands of TV devices to give you access to live streams and numerous TV channels.

However, in recent times, users on Roku devices are facing a unique error code that is not letting them use the cable streaming on the Xfinity Stream box.

In this article, we will discuss this same issue. We will discuss How To Fix Xfinity Stream Error Tvapp-00287? The error code shows up on the Roku devices with the prompt, “This video cannot be played” followed by the error code Tvapp-00287.

We will talk about how you can get rid of this error code and get back to streaming on the Xstream TV box.

How to solve the error code Tvapp-00287 on Xfinity Stream?

There are several reasons that the Roku TV you are using is not complying with the Xfinity Stream.

There can be problems on both ends and we will discuss them along with the solutions that they need.

Fix 1: Check the batteries on the Roku remote

People do not remember to check their remote batteries until after they face an issue on the platform and then they feel that the remote signal might be weak.

Try this most basic and easy solution when you first see this error code. Take a look at the remote and replace the batteries to see if the playback starts.

If not, move to the other solutions on the list.

Fix 2: Use an HDMI cable

If you have connected the Xfinity stream box to the TV without the HDMI cable, this is the time that you should consider connecting an HDMI cable for better reception.

When you connect the HDMI cable, restart the TV and see if the video starts playing. If it does, you have solved the issue.

Fix 3: Power Cycle the TV

There might be minor bugs affecting the Roku TV. You can get rid of them by performing a power cycle on the Roku TV.

Disconnect all the wires from the TV and wait for a small while. Reconnect all the wires and switch on the Roku TV. 

You have successfully completed the power cycle on the Roku TV.

Fix 4: Check your internet connection

If you are trying to watch something that needs a connection to the server, you will need to have a stable internet connection for the same.

If you do not have a stable and fast internet connection, switch to another plan or internet service provider.

Also, make sure that your network hardware is always updated to the latest version so that it does not pose a hindrance to internet connectivity.

Fix 5: Contact Xfinity support or Roku support

Since this problem involves two different companies, you have the option to contact two different support teams.

You can contact the Roku support team and they will guide you with any issues on the TV. You can contact the Xfinity support team for help with any problem with the connection they provide.

To conclude

The error code Tvapp-00287 on Xfinity Stream only shows up when you are connecting it to a Roku device.

Many Roku users have faced this error code and we have mentioned the fixes that helped them get rid of the error code without much trouble.

Hopefully, we were able to help. Keep following for more technical advice.

Happy uninterrupted Streaming!!

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