Xiaomi Phone Sim Card Activation Error, “Can’t Activate Sim Card” | Here Is Fix

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Did you just buy a new Xiaomi and face the “sim card is not activated” issue? Well, you might be the unlucky one and this will be an annoying thing for any user. This happens due to the extra security features of a mobile phone. The manufacturers put an extra security feature on mobile devices to enhance safety.

When a user purchases a mobile device he/she needs to go through the activation process. When users fail to perform the activation process correctly error messages stated on their screen.

It might have occurred due to incorrect mobile numbers, issues in installation, and many other factors. If you are looking for the solution, you have landed on the right post. Here in this blog, we will describe the effective methods to solve Your Sim Card Is Not Activated error on your Xiaomi phone.

How To Activate The SIM Card On Xiaomi?

To find the exact reason for this cause might be complicated by you can easily repair it using the below given DIY tips and methods. We have mentioned the three methods to fix this issue and mostly all are safe and workable for users. 

Method 1. Activate SIM card via Xiaomi official Website

It is a simple and viable technique to fix the issue. To use this method, you need to browse to the Xiaomi official site that is; https://account.xiaomi.com and login into your account using the correct set of login id and password. Now, go to the “Security” tab and enter the phone number double-check the number before entering the number as the wrong number can trigger other issues.

Now tap on the “Change” option and sit tight for a message on the phone. The message will include a code that you will need for the confirmation of the number on the website. This will activate your sim card on your Xiaomi mobile phone.

Method 2. Enter the number manually

This method hopefully would be helpful for you. To do this, you need to send the message from your phone, if you get the sim activation error message, tap on it and keep repeating the process three or four times till the phone number window pops up. Now enter your mobile number and tap on ok.

Method 3. Activation via mobile operator

Mostly, the sim cards are activated by sending the message to the head centers which might be located in other nations. Well, this type of message is prohibited or blocked by the network providers. So you should call the service providers to check the availability of the service on a particular phone. Also, you need to have sufficient balance in your sim card to send a message, if you are a prepaid user. 

In case, none of the above methods help you to fix the issue, try to update your system, there might be a possibility that your current version of the phone is not up to date. Hence, updating it will fix the issue. 

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