How To Fix Zoom error code 10004?

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Zoom Error Code 10004

The error codes on games or streaming platforms might not be too urgent to solve at all times.

You can live without those for a while even if the resolution of the error code takes time but when you are dealing with a platform like Zoom, you will need an urgent solution. This is because the platform has taken a turn to be one of the most important office meeting tools out there.

In this article, we are looking for a resolution to Zoom error code 10004.

This particular error code is related to the update failure on the Zoom client. There can be two scenarios depending on what OS are you using.

We will discuss in detail both scenarios in the next section where we will also discuss the suggested solutions for the error code.

So, let’s rescue you from this issue on Zoom.

How to solve the error code 10004 on Zoom?

Let us start with the discussion of the two different scenarios that we talked about in the introduction.

The error code could show up if:

  • If you are using a Mac OS, it has failed to auto-update the Zoom client.
  • Some other underlying issue is causing the error.

We will now discuss the solutions for both of these scenarios and work towards eliminating the error code 10004 on Zoom.

Fix 1: Update the Zoom client on Mac OS manually

In the first case, we discuss the failure of auto-update of the Zoom client on Mac OS, you can bypass this error by manually updating the Zoom client.

Here is the link for the Download page of Zoom. 

Visit the link above and check for the new update on the Zoom application. You will see a new version if available. Download the new version and the error code will be resolved.

Fix 2: Check your meeting id

The meeting id that you are using to join a Zoom meeting should be authentic and correct.

If you suspect that you have by mistake entered the wrong id, you should cross-check the id and enter it again.

This can also solve the error in many cases.

Fix 3: Take a look at the exact action of what you were doing when the error code showed up

You might have been trying something new on the Zoom application when the error code showed up.

Try to recollect what this new action was that might have prompted the error code to show up.

Then exit the application, refresh the system, and launch the Zoom app again without repeating the same action as before.

Fix 4: Take a look at the compatibility of the operating system that you are using

Zoom works well both on Windows and Mac OS. Since both these OS are the most common ones, the majority of updates on the Zoom application are designed with these OS in mind.

If you are using an unconventional OS to run Zoom, you might be deprived of many updates and bug fixes.

Try to switch from the OS that you are using and see if you still face the error code on a device with Windows or Mac. 

You can also check the compatibility list of Zoom to see if your OS is on the list.

Fix 5: Check your browser compatibility

Just like the OS, the browser also plays an important part in the functionality of the platforms. 

This is if you are using Zoom on a web browser and not on the application. 

Check the list of compatible web browsers that can run the Zoom application. Try to switch to another browser and if the error code does not show up on the new browser, the older browser you were using was most likely the problem.

Fix 6: Check if your anti-virus or firewall is blocking your connection to Zoom

The anti-virus software and the network firewall do not falter a lot but when they do, you will see that many platforms and websites will be blocked for no reason.

You can see this on the blacklist of the platforms. 

If you find that the platform Zoom is blocked on any of these two software tools, you can just remove it from the blocklist and the platform will work fine again.

Fix 7: Contact the Zoom support team

Zoom realizes that the users on their platform are usually engaged in important work and cannot afford to lose precious time in dealing with an error code.

They have dedicated support pages on the website to provide easy and common fixes and if you cannot get rid of the error code even with them, you can directly contact the Zoom support team.

They will provide you with a custom troubleshooting guide that will cover the problems on your system. 

Follow this link to submit a request to Zoom.

To conclude

The error code 10004 on Zoom is an update failure on Mac OS and can be attributed to other issues if the update is not a problem.

We have mentioned the other scenarios as well.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful in getting you out of the error code on Zoom and you were able to join your meeting again.

Keep following for more technical advice.

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