How To Fix Zoom error code 3160?

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Zoom error code 3160

Zoom has taken care to launch the versions of apps and websites compatible with the different operating systems.

Sometimes, these versions have conflicts, and the browser or operating system that you are using blocks your access to the platform.

Many people use Zoom for essential meetings and webinars. They also shell out money to buy exclusive licenses so that their appointments are not interrupted.

In such situations, it becomes very infuriating to encounter error codes on the platform. Zoom tries to give you appropriate answers for all the error codes on its support pages. 

Using the information on the support page and comparing it with the information on the user forums, you can find the fixes to these errors.

We have made it even easier by doing the research for you and combining it here in this article.

Here we will discuss how to fix Zoom error code 3160. We will learn the meaning of the error code as well as the reasons behind the error code before looking at the solutions.

Let’s start.

What is the meaning of the error code 3160 on Zoom?

So, what does it exactly mean when you encounter the error code 3160 on Zoom?

The error code 3160 on Zoom is exclusive to the people who use Chrome OS. This is a Linux-based Operating system that is manufactured by Google.

So, if you use a Chromebook with Chrome OS, then the Zoom app you are using is specially designed to be compatible with your operating system.

However, the recent problem with this is that Zoom has silently withdrawn the version of the app that was compatible with the Chrome OS. This has made Chrome OS users prone to errors resulting in losing access to Zoom. 

There can be some other reasons too and we will discuss them in the next section where we discuss the explicit reasons for the error code 3160 on Zoom.

What are the reasons for the error code 3160 on Zoom?

The Zoom app that is incompatible with the recent versions of Chromebook is one of the reasons for the error code showing up.

Are there any other reasons though?

Let’s make a list here.

  • You are using Chrome Operating System
  • You have not yet downloaded the updated progressive web app designed by Zoom for Chrome OS.
  • You have not updated your Zoom app in a long while.

There are not many other reasons that can explain this error on Zoom. There are, however, some very interesting and easy solutions to fix the situation.

How To Fix Zoom error code 3160?

As we know that the error code 3160 on Zoom shows up because of Zoom withdrawing support for the Chrome Operating System, the solutions are mostly oriented towards the version of Zoom that is compatible with Chromebook.

Fix 1: You are using a Chromebook

If you are using a Chromebook, you will face trouble with the Zoom app as, since June 2022, Zoom has withdrawn support for the Chrome OS apps.

The solution that you can use here can be to use another device or browser.

Fix 2: You have not yet downloaded the progressive web app

If Zoom has withdrawn support for the Zoom app on Chrome OS, it does not mean that it has completely abandoned the users with no other options.

They have developed a new progressive web app for Zoom on Chrome OS. when you receive this error code, you will also see a suggested option in the little blue window to download the new progressive web app.

If you do not mind using the Zoom app as a website, then you can download this version and the error code may completely disappear.

Fix 3: The Progressive Web App is glitching

The progressive web app that Zoom has launched as an alternative is still in the testing phases and might not be available to everybody.

If you are facing the error code even after downloading the progressive web app, it is possible that the software is glitching. 

You can contact Zoom support to assist you in this situation.

Fix 4: You regularly miss updates on Zoom

If you are facing this error on an operating system that is not Chrome OS, then it is possible that you are facing an update problem.

If you regularly miss updates on your apps, you are running a risk of facing problems with not just Zoom but the other apps on your devices as well.

Check for the updates on the Zoom app. If there is a new version, update the app and re-launch to see if the error code disappears. Check for updates on all your apps regularly and turn on auto-updates if you regularly forget.

Fix 5: Switch the Browser

If you are using a Chromebook and facing the error, try using the same account to log in on a different device that does not have Google Chrome as the primary user interface. 

This might instantly solve your problem if the problem, is indeed with the Operating System.

However, this solution may not be for you if you do not have access to another device with a different operating system.

Fix 6: Contact the Zoom support

If none of the options have made sense to you or worked for you, the only option that you have left is to contact the customer support team at Zoom.

They have an idea about the exact trouble that you might be facing with the platform and what exactly may work for you.


The error code 3160 on Zoom is an exclusive Chromebook user issue. It can also show up on other operating systems in rare cases.

However, we have made a list of tried and tested solutions for you here. If none of these have helped you, you can contact the Zoom support team.

There also exists a user forum where you can ask questions related to the error code and anybody with the answers can ping you and reply.

We hope that this article was helpful. Keep following for more technical content.

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