How to fix Zoom Error “invalid meeting id”?

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Zoom Error invalid meeting id

If you are using Zoom and somehow have encountered the following “invalid meeting id” error message flashing in front of your screen. Then, chances are that either your scheduled meeting ID has expired, or you have entered a wrong meeting id, or there is some problem with your browser cache or app cache, causing such an error to occur.

Below, I have listed all the possible things which might be causing the particular error to occur, as well as the possible solutions to be followed to fix them as well as the error message occurring due to these problems or issues.

How to fix Zoom Error “invalid meeting id”?

Fix 1: Make sure you are connecting in the right time

One of the most common mistakes out there made by many is trying to log in into a Zoom meeting at the wrong time. 

Usually, when a Zoom meeting is scheduled by a host. They do so in a specified time. Thus, in such cases if you try to login at an unspecified time.

Then, there is a high chance that the following error message may come up on your screen and prevent you from accessing the meeting, scheduled at some other given time.

Fix 2: Check your credentials

Another very common mistake made by users leading to such an error to occur is feeding in the wrong credentials while trying to connect to a meeting. 

If that is the case, then check and see to it that the credentials you have received and are using to connect to a specific meeting are correct and you have fed them in correctly without any mistakes.

Fix 3: Update your Zoom app

If you are using the Zoom app on your mobile devices to connect to Zoom meetings. Then, you can also try updating the app as well. 

Many users have reported that simply updating the app had seemed to do the trick for them and that they were able to connect to meetings they previously could not, even though they fed in the correct credentials.

Fix 4: Clear up Browser or App cache

Depending upon which platform you are using to connect to a Zoom meeting, clearing up the cache memory in either your browser or the app may help you solve the issue.

At times, unwanted cache data leaving behind as residue of earlier meetings might be responsible for such an error to occur.

If that is indeed the case. Then, clearing up your browser or app cache, depending upon whichever platform you may be using to connect to Zoom, may just do the trick.

Fix 5: Contact Customer Support

If none of the above techniques worked for you in solving the issue on your own. Then, you can try directly contacting Zoom’s HelpDesk and ask them for their assistance to solve the particular issue.

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