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NOVA A.I. Overview

Creating and sharing video content is exciting, and even more so if the editing process is part of the fun. We are on the lookout for user-friendly video editing tools that can assist new as well as well-experienced content creators in making professional-looking videos with ease.

In this review we’ll explore the online video editing platform – NOVA A.I. to see where it can take us.

What is NOVA A.I.?

NOVA A.I. is an online video editing platform providing a simple and easy solution for editing videos with basic tools including automatic subtitles and translation.

With cloud-based storage, there’s no need to download or update any software. You can work on multiple devices.

NOVA A.I. seems to be a good tool for beginners because everything is very well-explained and the tools are simple to use.  

A monthly subscription is free up to a certain amount of usage. Prices are good and clearly explained. There’s no binding period, meaning you can upgrade and downgrade anytime according to your needs. 

It looks good so far, let’s look into features and more about NOVA A.I.

NOVA A.I. Key Features

To get a better idea of what NOVA A.I. offers we’ve summarised and briefly explained the features that you’ll find on the platform.

1. Uploading

  • The upload function is simple:
    • Upload a video directly from your library.
    • Upload a link from a YouTube or TikTok video.
  • More upload options: once you have uploaded your video you’ll see the media tab where you can choose to upload more files.
    • Videos to merge or combine.
    • Images.
    • Audio or music.
    • Upload either from your library or directly from YouTube or TikTok.

Video Editing Features 

  • Normal video editing tools:
    • Cut, trim, and merge video footage.
    • Change the speed of the video.
    • Change the video frame size to fit the platform you are sharing on.
    • Add captions, stickers, images, audio, and music tracks.
    • Add transitions.  
    • Timeline

Automatic subtitles

  • NOVA A.I can detect speech and transcribe it into subtitle text.
  • Supporting 37 different languages (more added regularly).
  • The transcription takes a few minutes depending on the length of the video.
  • The outcome is quite accurate, especially when the audio is clear.
  • You can edit the subtitles after they have been generated: font, size, style, colour, position, background, and more.
  • Possible to subtitle longer format material as well, such as movies, etc.
  • Automatic translation:
    • Translate video subtitles into more than 75 different languages.
    • Translate into more languages simultaneously.


  • Saving your content is easy, and you have a few options
    • Export the video to your library
    • Download subtitles as SRT, VTT, or TXT files 
  • You can always return to your video projects – also after you have exported them, as they stay archived on your dashboard.


  • NOVA A.I. supports all the normal video file formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, and many more.
  • The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows. 

Video Analyzer  –  EXTRA Feature

  • For enterprise and per request NOVA A.I. offers an AI-powered function called Smart Search.
  • This is a separate tool for analyzing, categorizing, and logging video content.
  • Find specific scenes with just a few clicks – search specific objects, locations, scene types, words, activities, facial expressions, celebrities, or encoded people using Boolean Search.
  • Search throughout your whole video library or within a specific video. 
  • Useful when searching specific video scenes for instance for creating a trailer.
  • However, at the moment this is a feature added to non-enterprise users’ accounts only by request.

NOVA A.I. Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use for everyone
  • Cost-efficient
  • Good selection of basic tools
  • Very useful and accurate automatic subtitles that can be edited and translated, and support many different languages.
  • No need to download any complicated software
  • Tutorial videos on YouTube channel
  • Can subtitle longer videos 


  • Could need more advanced features for the more ambitious video editors.
  • No stock videos or photos available.
  • The Smart Search function needs to be activated by request.
  • Transitions only come with paid plans.
  • Although you can upload videos from your phone, you can’t edit your videos directly on your phone. You need to do it on your computer. 

How to use NOVA A.I.?

Depending on your video project the steps will of course vary, but we’ve listed the main steps in editing your video on the Nova A.I. platform: 

Step 1: Create an account 

Step 2: Press the “Create project” button and upload a video from your library or directly from YouTube or TikTok by copy-pasting the link.

Step 3: Edit your video by navigating between the different tool tabs (settings, media, subtitles, text, transitions, and elements) and in the timeline. 

Step 4: When done editing export your video to your library, or download SRT / VTT / TXT files to upload as closed captions with your video, or to use for other purposes. 

NOVA A.I Pricing and Free Subscription

NOVA A.I. has a selection of monthly subscription options that suits individual needs. 

  1. Free plan: 
  • Subtitles/translation – 30 min (renewed every month for all plans)
  • Upload limit – 2 GB
  • Export length – 20 min 
  • Watermarked
  1. Basic plan – $10 per account monthly.
  • Subtitles/translation – 150 min
  • Upload limit – Unlimited 
  • Export length – 60 min
  • Storage – 100 GB
  • SRT / VTT / TXT subtitles download
  1. Pro plan – $18 per account monthly.
  • Subtitles/translation – 300 min
  • Upload limit – Unlimited 
  • Export length – 150 min
  • Storage – 500 GB
  • SRT / VTT / TXT subtitles download
  1. Business plan – $55 per account monthly.
  • Subtitles/translation – 900 min
  • Upload limit – Unlimited 
  • Export length – 180 min
  • Storage – 2 TB
  • SRT / VTT / TXT subtitles download
  1. Enterprise:
  • Tailored service according to needs.
  1. Extra: 
  • 100 GB of storage $1
  • 1 hour of subtitles $4


NOVA A.I is a newer software company and seeing their roadmap it looks like many new features are in the process of being added sooner or later. This could potentially become a very powerful software within the field of video editing software. 

We like the fact that there’s no need to download any heavy software, and that it can be used by everyone regardless of previous experience because it’s offering straightforward basic video editing tools. 

This means it’s also a good option for beginners. And with their short and topic-specific YouTube tutorial videos it doesn’t take long to understand how to use different parts of the platform that might not be clear to a beginner right away. We hope this will keep up if they start to advance the software further!

The subtitle feature is super cool and really useful! And if you are looking for an all-in-one software that can create automatic subtitles as well as translate them NOVA A.I. is definitely a good choice.

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