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Quaries is a technology and troubleshooting blog, at Quaries we have only one primary purpose, that is to help our readers better understand the world of tech and everything new and old in it. At Quaries we aim to provide you with the very best of tutorials, hacks, tips as well as in-depth reviews on your interested tech or product. 

Here at, we dig deep and high to find the latest trends out there as well as new updates and releases in the world of technology and internet for you to stay updated and informed.

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At Quaries we have the team of tech enthusiast who are always curious to know and write about the latest Tech Trends, How To Guide, Reviews, & helpful tech resources.

Rahul, Author At Quaries

Rahul Choudhary

Rahul Choudhary is a technology and troubleshooting expert. He gives his expert opinion on different technology trends and provides troubleshooting guides for different apps, websites, & consumer hardware products.

Rishikesh Hazarika

Rishikesh Hazarika

Rishikesh Hazarika is a tech enthusiast who is always curious to learn and absorb facts and data in the world of science and technology as well as tries to share his opinion. He has an M.Tech degree from North-Eastern Hill University.

vijay gopal

Vijay Gopal

Vijay Gopal is a technology expert who writes on the latest trends in the world of technology. He graduated in Btech from the University Of Delhi, and he knows different programming languages such as Python, HTML, CSS, etc.

Falguni Rana, Author at

Falguni Rana

Falguni Rana is a technology writer who has expertise in software and hardware troubleshooting. She publishes how-to and troubleshooting guides for different apps, websites, games, and consumer hardware products.

mohit Sharma, Chromecast expert at

Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma is a Chromecast and Troubleshooting expert. He has a Bechlor Degree in BA English Honours from the University Of Delhi, later in his career he did a certification course in Advanced App Development in Android Specialization.