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Quaries is not just your everyday typical tech review website, but instead an initiative to provide you with unbiased overview and review related to all major and minor consumer technologies from all around the internet and the globe.

We have only one primary purpose, that is to help our readers better understand the world of tech and everything new and old in it. We aim to provide you with the very best of tutorials, hacks, tips as well as in-depth reviews on your interested tech or product. 

Here at Quaries.com, we dig deep and high to find the latest trends out there as well as new updates and releases in the world of technology and internet for you to stay updated and informed. 

Quaries is still quite young. Being born in the year 2020 we know that we still have a long way to go. But also, we have come a long way since then as well.

With the sole agenda and aim of creating quality content and a meaningful technology website for our readers, we take pride that we have been able to keep walking in the right path and are determined to do so in the coming days as well. 

Providing you, our readers with the right information is not just work for us but also our responsibility. Moreover, the fact that our Quaries team is one that is composed of some of the most passionate tech enthusiasts and geeks out there, guiding you with facts and information about the world of tech is rather fun and all exciting for all of us at Quaries.

Our Contributors

Rahul, Author At Quaries

Rahul Choudhary

A Digital Marketer by profession and a passionate traveller. Technology has been always my first interest, so I consistently look for new updates in tech to explore, and also has expertise in WordPress.

Vijay Gopal, Author At Quaries.com

Vijay Gopal

I am always curious to learn new things in the world of technology and like to share my knowledge with people through blogs.

Rishikesh Hazarika

A tech enthusiast who is always curious to learn and absorb facts and data in the world of science and technology as well as tries to share his opinion on what he thinks might be fun to know for others. Loves to dive deep into nature when not busy exploring the world of tech.

From Where do we Operate? Our Office?

Well fundamentally and principally speaking, everyone here at Quaries believe that the best treat to the mind is being able to work freely and voluntarily from anywhere and everywhere possible.

We do not like to limit ourselves to unnecessary boundaries. Boundaries according to us are well suited for those who never are willing to run the extra mile. But we, here at Quaries are all about that ‘extra mile’. 

Extra Mile – to find those knicks and knacks which are crucial but not readily available about your interested product and technology.

Extra Mile – to dive deep into all the small and big details related to a product or technology to come up with meaningful reviews which actually help our readers instead of just providing you with numbers and data related to the specific topic.

Extra Mile – to walk along with you even after you have purchased a device and want to know more about it from easy to follow tutorials and hacks to bring out the best out of it all.

And thus, we don’t have any kind of physical office or address. Firstly, because as already mentioned earlier we do not want to limit ourselves behind walls.

And secondly, because our work doesn’t necessarily require it. We are minimalistic that way. Why waste unnecessary office space, resources, time and electricity when you can get the job done in the most optimum and economical way possible.

How it all started? & our journey so far

My self Rahul and I founded this website intending to provide precise tech information in the simplest form. 

Not all the peoples are tech-savvy, and that’s why we make sure we provide the information in extremely clean, clean & simple manner.

We provide product reviews and other tech informative articles which users are already searching on Google.

The Process Behind Reviewing Products at Quaries

Quaries for us are not just a place where we post content. Rather it is our dream, our child which we want to always keep original and authentic. 

We never scrap Google and neither do we rewrite reviews from other existing sources. Something which as readers look out for product reviews, you obviously must have faced at some point.

We know the frustration and disappointment readers have to go through while having to read the same old thing on multiple websites.

Due to this very reason we in Quaries test and analyze a particular product on our own. We take our time, we introspect and retrospect each and every angle and element related to a particular product before we can actually give our verdict on the product. 

And hence, due to this very reason we are always hundred percent confident about our review and really believe that our review will greatly help our readers to get their doubts answered and make them completely understand a product before they need to make any kind of decision related to a particular product. 

Moreover, if you are a developer who believes in your product and trusts that it will help users greatly. Then you can too get your product reviewed here, because we always love to get our users in touch with everything new and useful out there. 

To do so, all you need to do is contact us at rahul@quaries.com and get your product reviewed for others to see.

How Do We Process Our Informative Articles?

Well, even though writing an informative article usually requires picking up information and data here and there from all corners and putting them together for the reader to read. 

Here however, in Quaries, we do it a little differently.

Unlike normal informative articles, we at Quaries don’t just copy data and information related to a particular technology and product, but rather research on that particular topic fully before we could present our readers with an easy yet informative article, so that they can both enjoy as well as understand their desired topic in greater lengths and detail. 

We want our users and readers to not just feel like they are reading an article for just information sake, but instead get fully immersed and enjoy the topic they are reading so that it stays with them forever and comes handy whenever needed without having to go back to finding an reading about a topic once again when suddenly prompted with such a situation. 

But then again, we who are working on such informative articles and content are humans too. Hene, there may be occasions when we might make mistakes which we are unaware of.

If such a case arises, we would be very obliged and grateful to you if you could point it out to us by contacting us on our Contact Us page or simply writing to us on our email rahul@quaries.com.

We will at the earliest try to resolve the issue and come up with content which is accurate and suited for you, our dear readers.

How Do We Generate Profit?

Running a blog or website like Quaries definitely needs a lot of human resource, energy as well as other resources. It is not particularly an easy job.

But, since everyone here at Quaries are passionate about technology and gadgets, getting content ready for our readers is something we all enjoy and take pride in. 

Still, profit generation out of ads and affiliates is something which every website needs to run properly and expand as well.

The more products we can review by investing the profit back, the more meaningful and the more accurate our review which we write and prepare for you. 

Currently, we are using the Ezoic Ads Platform to show a few advertisements on our website and earn ourselves a little profit. And also use affiliate links on our some of our articles where on buying something by clicking on such affiliate links, you can help us greatly to earn some commission and come up with even better content for you.

And as mentioned earlier, running a website as such does require human and other resources, which cost us money.

Hence, when someone takes action on our ads or affiliate links, it provides a huge support for us as well as boosts up our morale as we can bear with our expenses and then invest the profit on ways to make our content more qualitative and informative for you.

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How To Get In Touch With Us?

You can contact us at rahul@quaries.com OR you can directly visit our Contact Us page and we will get back to you in no time.  

What If You Have Any Problem With Our Site?

If you have any problem with our site or have any suggestions for us, then please feel free to Contact Us

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If you have any product or service you want to advertise with us, then please contact us here at rahul@quaries.com.

If you have any doubts, queries or suggestions, then please feel free to reach out to us and connect with us at our Contact Us Page or send us an email at rahul@quaries.com.

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