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Adobe stopped support for Flash Player from January 1, 2021 permanently, so from now, Adobe Player will block Flash content from running on your website, so it’s recommended to the Flash Player’s users to uninstall Flash Player immediately to stay protected.

Flash Player Alternatives

Adobe is also trying to inform and remind users with messages to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player from their device. So if you are one who still has Flash Player in your system, then please uninstall it or replace it with its best alternatives.

In this post, I am going to tell you about the best Flash Player Alternatives to use.

Flash Player Alternatives

Microsoft SilverlightFreewareFreeInternet Explorer 11
LightsparkOpen SourceFreeLinux, Windows
Gnu GnashOpen SourceFreeBSD, Linux, Windows
RuffleOpen SourceFreeDesktop, Web
iSpring FreeFreemium$770 Per YearWindows, Microsoft Office
Photon Flash Player & BrowserFreeware FreeAndroid

Flash Player Alternatives Overview

1. Microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight is a deprecated application framework by Microsoft and similar to Adobe Flash. It helps you in writing and running rich Internet applications, similar to Adobe Flash. With this powerful development tool, you can create very interactive user experiences for Web and mobile applications. It is a free plug-in that is powered by the .NET framework and compatible but unfortunately it’s only compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft Silverlight
  • Writing and running rich Internet applications
  • Supports streaming, multimedia, graphics, and animation
  • Supports H.264 video
  • Supports advanced audio coding
  • Supports MPEG layer III (MP3) media content

2. Lightspark

Lightspark is an open-source Flash player, and the browser plug-in comes with the LGPLv3 license. It is written in C++/C and supports Linux and Windows. Lightspark supports all of Adobe’s Flash formats.

According to the information shared on the official site, it’s still in alpha state and currently implements around 78% of the Flash APIs.

  • Supports most of ActionScript 3.0
  • Mozilla-compatible plug-in
  • Supports OpenGL-based rendering
  • Supports LLVM-based ActionScript execution

3. Gnu Gnash

GNU Gnash is the GNU Flash movie player. If you don’t know about Flash, then it’s an animation file format supported by Adobe, and later Flash also includes audio and video content.

Gnu Gnash
  • Can be compiled and executed on x86, ARM, MIPS, and PowerPC.
  • Supports BSD-based operating systems
  • Requires one of AGG, Cairo, or OpenGL for rendering
  • Can play SWF files up to version 7
  • Can also play 80% of ActionScript 2.0

4. Ruffle

Ruffle is an open-source Flash Player emulator which is written in Rust. In all modern operating systems, it runs as a standalone application. And in all modern browsers, it runs as a WebAssembly.


Ruffle is very easy to install and use. It works with all kinds of web flash content for websites. If you install the web version of the Ruffle, it will automatically detect all existing Flash content and polyfill it into a Ruffle player.

So whether you are a website owner or a user, you can easily replace the Dead Flash Player with Ruffle with few basic steps.

5. iSpring

iSpring is a freemium eLearning authoring tool that helps you to create responsive courses and quizzes in PowerPoint. Doing it is very simple; ispring simply converts your slides to HTML5 or SCORM.

iSpring Free

Once you finish with your presentation in PowerPoint, simply hit publish, and it will convert your slides to an online course. 

  • Turn your PowerPoint slides into eLearning
  • Create interactive quizzes
  • Enhance courses with web objects
  • Upload courses to your LMS
  • Make your courses available on any device

6. Photon Flash Player & Browser

Photon Flash Browser, as its name suggest, it’s a flash player for Android smartphones with a built-in flash player plug-in to liberate your browsing experience.

Photon Flash Browser gives the users a fast browsing experience and performs much better than most of browsers. 

Photon Flash Player & Browser
  • Unlimited tab support
  • Intelligent URL bar
  • Browse and play video
  • Bookmark with folders support

Flashfox is one of the fastest web browsers with built-in support for Adobe Flash players. Flashfox is open source and available for the Android OS. 

7. FlashFox

FlashFox is the free mobile web browser that puts the power of the open & complete web in your hands. It is unquestionably the fastest Adobe Flash Player enabled browser in the market today!


FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Adobe Decide To End Flash Player?

According to Adobe, Open standards such as HTML5, WebGL, etc., are doing well for Flash content, and “most of the major browsers vendors are integrating these open standards into their browsers and deprecating most other plug-ins (like Flash Player). So they decided to end the Flash Player Permanently.

Can You Download The Adobe Previous Version?

No, you can not download the flash player previous versions as Adobe has removed Flash Player download pages from its site. Also, Adobe blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021, so there is no use in downloading any previous versions of flash player. Simply replace the Flash player with any of the alternatives provided by us.

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