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We all know that the best part about Discord is the use of bots. Life is just simpler and more fun with the use of bots to automate nearly anything as per your likes and dislikes.

Out of the many different kinds of bots, one of my own very personal favorites would be the music bots, allowing users to play music in the background either while playing a game online or simply while VOI.

However, with recent orders of ‘cease and desist’ from tech giants like Google and Youtube, Discord has no other option than to bring down the ‘Rythm bot’ service too, same way as Groovy had to shut down just three weeks back.

But, no matter how disappointed we are with the decisions made by these big tech giants, we always have to survive and look out for other better alternatives when one or the other favorite services get shut down like in the case of both Rythm and Groovy which I am pretty certain may have been a favorite of most of you out here today. 

And hence, without any more further delay let us straight away jump to “what are some of the best alternatives to Discord and Groovy bot alternatives” out there which you can look forward to using.

Top alternatives to Rythm and Groovy Discord bots

1. Fredboat

There have been times when I found Fredboat more easy to use and even better when compared to Rythm or Groovy bots.

Just because I am more of an old school guy who prefers his own comfort zone than to try out something new, has made me stay with Rhythm all this while without having to jump to Fredboat all this while.


However, there are many out there who very simply find Fredboat to be the best since it has everything to offer, like streaming music from a number of music sites and platforms like Youtube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp just to name a few. 

Interface wise, I personally liked Fredboat better than Rythm, but then again I am a person of habit so never had the choice of actually jumping over to Fredboat. It is easy and absolutely simple to use making it perfect for both discord beginners as well as vets too.

Along with that the ‘search’ option which Fredboat offers gives you an option of five to choose from as to how you want your song to play and enjoy without any hassle.

2. Octave

Coming with features and options like Audio Filters and Custom Playlist, this simple and easy to use Discord bot does not really fall behind the other most popular bots like Rhythm and Fredboat out there.

With the Octave bot too you can more or less stream music directly from all major music platforms like Youtube, SoundCloud and other such sites out there quite easily and efficiently without any problem.


One other feature which I have tried and really liked in the particular bot is its ability to simultaneously play audio or music in two separate Voice channels, simply by adding two Octave bots to your Discord server.

Moreover, the latency over this bot as per my experience has been found to be really low, which actually scores a pretty good score on my list when it comes to an uninterrupted and flawless music experience.

3. Zandercraft

For those of you who are less of a gaming person and more of a music person, or in fact a little bit of both. Then Zandercraft may just be the bot for you as it has some of the very best quality audio service to provide its users. 


With the Zandercraft bot service, listening to any music at the highest quality out there becomes a piece of cake. From Extra High Definition Audio to Extreme High Definition audio, you can stream it all with this bot.

Some other features which are typical for any music bot like creating a playlist, searching for songs and so on can all be done with this bot in addition to a few other features which lets you not only listen to music but do even more.

4. 24/7

Just as the name itself might suggest, this one bot you will find alive and online almost throughout the day and night.

Similar to other bots in our list today, the 24/7 bot too is easily capable of streaming and playing music from the different music websites and platforms out there like Youtube, SoundCloud just to name a few.


However, apart from these typical features, the one unique thing which I really can’t help but admire about this bot is its ability to even play live videos directly off Youtube over it’s platform. 

The rest of the functions like playing and pausing as well as creating playlist and adding songs is pretty much the same as any other usual music bots out there, but with an extra added ability to stream music off from nearly any Radio Station out there around the globe, making it a truly audio centric bot.

5. Vexera

If you are looking for something with little more than just music, then Vexera may be the bot you might find easier to jump from Rhythm and Groovy.

It is said and even widely believed that when it comes to latency, lag free and smooth experience, there is no one who can do it better than the Vexera bot. 


Besides just providing you with all those other typical music functions, features and options, the Vexera bot additionally lets you become a moderator too enabling you to mute/ban as well as kick out any member who you either just don’t like or does not seem to comply with the set of rules you have laid out for your fellow music lovers and gamers. 

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