Adobe Muse Is Dead: Try These Adobe Muse Alternatives

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Adobe has decided not to develop new features anymore and will discontinue the technical support in 2020.

Adobe muse was a great designing tool to create HTML websites without using codes. So now, website designers and bloggers will be searching for a better alternative for Adobe Muse. So below, I mentioned some good Adobe Muse substitutes.

Here is the quick list of Adobe Muse alternatives we are going to discuss in this article.

Detailed Overviews Of Adobe Muse Alternatives

1. Pinegrow

Pinegrow is much similar to the Adobe Muse because it works offline like Muse, and let you create or edit website locally.

Pinegrow can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a premium service, so you have to buy their subscription, but Pinegrow too, offers a free trial with full access so you can try all of the features before finalizing the subscription.


Pinegrow is a little complicated in comparison to the modern-day website builders like Squarespace pr Webflows. It is mainly recommended for professional website designers. If you don’t have much knowledge about coding, then our recommendation will be to not use Pinegrow.


  • Live multi-page editing
  • CSS & SASS styling
  • CSS Grid editor
  • Build websites offline, not required any internet network
  • The better speed with visual power tools
  • Best for Bootstrap & Foundation
  • Edit & test your page on all device sizes at once
  • Create stunning interactions & animations for your web projects

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2. Squarespace

Squarespace is a freemium website builder where you can create a free website on their subdomain.

If you want to create a professional website on a personal domain, then you have to buy their plan, which starts from 12$ monthly if you bill yearly, which includes a free custom domain, hosting, SSL security, and much else.

Squarespace As Adobe Muse Alternatives

Squarespace also provides many additional features that Adobe Muse didn’t.

Adobe Muse hadn’t a ready-to-use theme, which makes the designing work much easy, but Squarespace offers 90+ professionally designed templates.

Squarespace also offers a free trial and does not require any credit card, so you have the option to try their service before making the final payment. It is a win-win situation for website designers and professionals.

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3. Webflow

If you were an Adobe Muse user who loved its user interface, then you must try the Webflow, which has a very similar user interface. 

The best part of the Webflow, it doesn’t require any trail, which means just add the site plan and start building your website with their CMS, and pay when you want to publicize the website on a personal domain.

Webflow website builder


  • No coding required
  • You can change the hosting plan as you grow with few clicks
  • Easily create landing pages for marketing campaigns
  • Online resources to help customers on their journey. They offer forums, community, blog, customers support, and much else.

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4. Wix

Wix is a great drag & drop website builder along with hosting and a custom domain. Wix gives you the freedom to create, design, manage, and develop a website exactly the way you desire without any kind of professional skills.

There was an era when website designing was a complicated task because it requires coding and designing skills. But in today’s modern era, website builders like Wix simplify the process of website designing.

Wix drag and drop website builder

Also, it has hundreds of ready to use templates which you can edit according to you to build your masterpiece.


  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Hundreds of ready to use templates
  • Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to instantly build a personalized website just for you
  • Logo Maker to design a professional logo without any extra cost
  • All Wix websites are mobile-friendly
  • Build an eCommerce platform
  • Offer Seo tools

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5. WordPress

All of the website builders I listed above tie you down to a single hosting provider. But like Adobe muse, if you want the complete the freedom to change or use any hosting provider, then our recommendation will be to use WordPress.

WordPress isn’t a website builder; instead, it is a CMS (Content Management System), which is used by some most famous brands.

WordPress (cms)

WordPress gives to freedom to choose third parties domain, hosting, themes, and plugins. And it is highly customizable.

Most of the website builders have just a few hundred themes, but because WordPress is compatible with third-party themes provider, so it gives you unlimited no of options.

If you are a beginner and do not have any budget to start a blog, then you can host a free website on the WordPress subdomain for free.

Pricing: Open Source


  • Simple to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Compatible with third party themes
  • WordPress editor to publish a blog or design a landing page with the blocks
  • Thousands of easy‑to‑install add‑ons
  • Easily create and manage an eCommerce store
  • Compatible with third-party website builders

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Some More Adobe Muse Alternatives

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