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Google discontinued its Neighbourly app, which helped uses to get and give neighbourhood answers. The app helps users to interact with the neighbour, and they could also ask questions & suggestions about the neighbourhood area.

If Neighbourly was helping you in some way and now because it is dead you looking for some alternatives then below are listing some of the most suitable Apps similar to Neighbourly.

A quick list of Neighbourly Alternatives

Neighbourly Alternatives Detailed Overview

1. Neighborly App

Neighborly is a local social network to make a trustable connection between the local peoples. It offers the built-in Marketplace where a verified user can set up a trader profile to sell good or services. As a user, you are free to buy, sell or rent anything on the Neighborly platform. The app is open source and can be downloaded for free on Android & IOS devices.

Neighborly App


Neighborly helps peoples to find professional home services. It connects home services from the local surrounding, and they have nearly 3,900 franchisees across nine countries.

You can also make a free account on to personalize home service reminders and find the latest offers. Users also have the option to rate and review the service, as well as you can see the license information of the service provider.


Neighbor helps the user to find storage or parking spaces locally so they can store their belonging to somewhere save at a low cost. They claim their pricing to be 50% less than self-storage units.

Also If you have a free space, then you can list it on Neighbor to get paid so you can earn out of the empty space. To be the part of Neighbor first, you have to be a verified user which also makes the platform much safe and trustworthy.

4. Neighbors By Ring

It is an app to connect with local peoples and find updates about the neighbourhood areas. User and public safety agencies can update in the app about real-time crime and safety alerts. So by using the app, you stay updated & safe.

The platform is also good for users to update neighbors if they lost something important. On their youtube channel, they covered various stories where people reunite with their lost pets just because of the app.

Neighbors By Ring

5. Neighborpledge

The covid pandemic is one of the worse time we people’s are experiencing. Especially it was a very tough time for the small business owners when everything is closed. Neighborpledge is a platform where anyone can find a small business locally and pledge support in terms of money so they can survive in this hard time.

Neighborpledge simply works as a platform between the small business owners and buyers who want to support their favourite local business. If anyone pledges support, Neighborpledge informs the business so they can reach to them to collect support, and this way they don’t have to pay anything as services fee.


6. Neighbor

The app helps you to find & interact with the peoples or groups who share the same interest. So you can connect with peoples who have the same kind of skills or interests as you. You can browse or create interest-based group, and can also invite your friends to join.

User can customize their user profile with interest and similar information so others can find little about them before connecting. If you don’t like anyone, then the app allows you to block or report the user if it needed.


7. Neighborhood Postcards

A postcard mailing app for business to design and send marketing postcards to the residents directly, so you can find leads and grow your business. You just need to select the mailing area, numbers of cards, choose the postcard template design and rest is done by Neighborhood Postcards.

They work with the industry-leading data aggregator to verify mailing addresses for deliverability. Typically postcards are printed and mailed on the same day, and delivered within 5 business days.

Neighborhood Postcards

Some Bonus Neighbourly Alternatives

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