Fring Is Dead Now: Try These 10 Alternatives In The Absence

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Fring was the VoIP app that is closed permanently, so here we are sharing ten best Fring Alternatives you can use to interact with your family or friends over the internet.

In Simple, Fring was an online networking solution to connect with any Fring users over a Video or voice call or chat from your Smartphone.

To connect with the other person on Fring users are just required to have a working internet connection.

They also have the FringOut service, where it allows users to call on cell phones or landline at a very convenient cost.

Below are the few Fring Alternatives you can use in the absence.

Fring Alternatives

1. Skype

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Skype is one of the very advanced telecommunications apps for Video & Voice calls for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, HoloLens, and Xbox One.

Skype is available in 108 languages and originally developed by the Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn and released the application in 2003.

Type Of License: Freemium



  • Live subtitles
  • Call phones from Skype at low price
  • Record call
  • Skype local phone number for other religion or country
  • Share mobile screen on call
  • Can connect with up to 50 users on video calls

How To Use

  1. Download the app from the official site; it is free
  2. Install to your device
  3. Create an account
  4. Done

2. Wire

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Wire is one of the most secure collaboration platforms where you can communicate with messaging, voice, or video. All of the activities over the Wire are protected by end-to-end encryption for better privacy & safety.

Type Of License: Premium



  • Wire Pro: 5.83$ per month when billed yearly
  • Wire Enterprise: 9.5$ per month when billed yearly


  • Do conference calls
  • Easily share file
  • Can be used from Computer, Mobile, or Tablet
  • Guest rooms
  • Better security

3. Jitsi

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Jitsi is a completely open-source VoIP application that can work on the web, computer, and Smartphone. It was originally developed by Emil Ivov and released in 2003. With Jitsi, users can communicate over Msg, Voice, or Video. 

Type Of License: Open Source


3. Viber

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Viber is the Cross-platform VoIP application developed by Rakuten Viber and released in 2010.

With Viber, users can do call or messaging for free to anyone. To provide a better communication experience, they have soo many features to express yourself in an interesting way.

Type Of License: Free



  • Share msgs
  • Send strikers or GIFs
  • Support Voice and video call
  • Easily make a group conversation
  • Create your own sticker or GIFS
  • You can set a time limit for msgs
  • Can transfer the calls from one device to other
  • If using Viber from desktop, you have the option to share your screen
  • Create communities and manger them effectivity with so many features dedicated fro the communities
  • Cell phones or landlines calls at cheap price
  • Better security with encrypted msgs, and End-to-end encryption

4. Facebook Messenger

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As the name suggests, Facebook Messenger is a messaging application by Facebook. It was originally released as a Facebook chat, which was the part of the Facebook (Social Networking App).

But later, they introduced it as a separate messaging solution that can be used from the web interface or mobile app.

Type Of License: Open-source

Facebook Messenger


  • Chat with anyone who is on Facebook
  • Supports Stickers, Emojis, and Gifs
  • Share files
  • Do voice or video call
  • Do group calls
  • Video filter to have little fun while video calling
  • Easily record and share voice msgs
  • Support debit Card and PayPal to share or accept money
  • Share location to others
  • Easily connect with the Business to do things like reservation, customer support, etc
  • Play games with friends

5. Linphone

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Linphone is a VOIP software, SIP client, and service, developed by Belledonne Communications. Initially, it was just developed for Linux, but now it is available for Windows, MAC & smartphones too.

Type Of License: Open Source



  • End-to-end encryption for better safety
  • Smart contact list
  • Call transfer and multi-call management 
  • Record call
  • Share files

6. Trillian

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Trillian is a freemium instant messaging solution developed by Cerulean Studios and released in 2000.

Type Of License: Freemium


Trillian comes in three different versions, 

  1. For Individuals: it is the free version for individuals to connect with the other over call or messaging.
  2. For Business: it is the premium version for Business to effectively improve office communication and employee productivity.
  3. For Healthcare: it is called HIPAA-compliant messaging for the healthcare organization.


  • Access from the web interface
  • Do Individual or group chat
  • Support emojis
  • Different Themes and accent colors
  • Get Msg read time
  • Can send blast messages to multiple recipients

6. Miranda

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Miranda is an open-source IM (Instant Messaging) App released in 2000 For Windows, but the project is closed now from the owner, so no more future updates and developments. Software is still active and can be downloaded from the Sourceforge.


Type Of License: Open Source

7. FaceTime

Download For IOS
Download For MAC

Facetime is the video telephony application developed by Apple, and at first just released for the IOS in 2010. Later in 2011, it was released for the MAC too.


Compatible with

  • IOS
  • MAC

Type Of License: Free


  • Find peoples using Phone no or Apple ID
  • Do video & audio calls
  • Can connect with up to 32 peoples on a group call
  • Supports Animoji, stickers and many other similar features
  • On IOS, user can make a list of favorites
  • User can see facetime call details in the phone call list

8. Disa

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Disa is the Unified messaging app for Android, founded in 2016 which let the users integrate their different messaging platform at one so they can easily do messages, video or voice call, file or photo sharing from one place on different IM (Instant Messaging) applications.

Means with Disa, you can make one dashboard for your different messaging platform.

Compatible With: Android

Type Of License: Free



  • Unified Conversations
  • Saves battery, because you just one app is processing
  • Create your own stickers 
  • Easily make a poll
  • Customize your messaging interface
  • Easily backup and restore msg, media and setting with Google Drive

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