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Well since you are already here in search of a good alternative to the once very popular Facebook Paper App, I guess it would not be completely wrong for me to assume that you obviously loved using the app and now since it is not there anymore, you are desperately in search of something as equally worthy and convincing enough to take its place.

And thus, just so that you do not have to stay with that empty space in your life any longer and are able to start your day again with a healthy dosage of the most trending and recent news feed, in the following article I have listed out “The Top Facebook Paper Alternatives for 2020” for you to choose from and enjoy.

Best Facebook Paper Alternatives

1. Flipboard

When we talk about Flipboard, the app does pretty much about everything that its name might suggest to its users at the very first glance.

Founded in the year 2010 and still going on bold and strong till date, the Flipboard app is easily one of the best out there when it comes to providing you with the most recent happenings from all over the world.

Facebook Paper App Alternatives

The app has been designed smartly to aggregate all trending and important news from multiple social platforms as well as popular news channels to come up with news and feeds that best suits your taste.

Moreover, the thing that I personally love about this app is that it is available in both iOS and Android mobile platforms. But in the case of the Facebook Paper App, only iOS users were lucky to have.

2. Google Play Newsstand

I am pretty certain that many of you might have already heard about Google’s very own Newsstand if not used it. And given the fact that it is a product from the tech giant Google itself should be just good enough of a reason to hold a position next to Facebook’s Paper App.

The app, as well as its content, can be fully trusted, both on the basis of authenticity as well as originality. There is just no doubt about it.

Talking about the user interface and design of the app, I would say it is pretty clean and straight forward, making it just suitable and ideal for any age groups to use and try.

Facebook Paper App Alternatives
                                                                                               Google Play Newsstand

The news you will find over at GooglePlay Newsstand is beautifully aggregated and laid out in a grid format for you to easily view and choose from without having to go through any kind of hassle at all, which I would say is something very crucial when you are going through your early morning news feeds.

And last but not least, the app is available for both Android as well as iOS platforms, and can also be logged into directly with the help of any browser directly over the net if you are using and want to view it on a PC.

3. The Tweeted Times

For this particular one, I guess the name itself might give you a little idea about what it does or what it may do things around.

If you are someone who loves using Twitter every day and would love to even read the news in the same way or with the same interface, then Tweeted Times is just the thing for you.

Alternatives To Paper App
                                                                                               The Tweeted Times

To put it simply in the simplest of terms, Tweeted Times basically lets you experience reading a newspaper with the elements and fun of Twitter.

Simply find the news you like, publish it, promote it, and let the community engage and grow with it, just like you would do on Twitter.

4. Nuzzel

If you are looking for a more personalized experience while viewing and reading news, I believe there are just a few apps or services out there which can do the job without much disappointment. And among those very few apps and services, Nuzzel I could say is one of them. And just as their tag line says, ‘ News for Busy Professionals’.


When it is about viewing the important news of the day at a go, Nuzzel does the job just as professionally, bringing to you just the news you would love to read and which is important to you.

The app is currently only available for Android and is available for download in Google Play Stores. Although, for iOS users, I believe there is still a little longer of a wait for Nuzzel to make its way on iOS platforms.

5. Feedly 

Available for both Android and iOS platforms, Feedly is undoubtedly a beautifully designed news aggregator app which is able to serialize as well as categorize news feeds from all over the internet with your taste in mind, so that you can have access to a more personalized set of news feeds which meets your very needs.


Basically, it will clean out all other unnecessary junk information which is out there and will provide you with only that information which is important to you.

6. Pulse


With the ability to connect to Facebook, Twitter as well as Google Reader, with Pulse, you can certainly expect to find the best material online, personalized according to your taste and requirements.

A wonderful news aggregator website that even allows you to view and read news feeds offline with its offline sync feature. A feature I know many of you will just love.

7. Yahoo News Digest

From the name itself, one might deduce where this product has come from. And surely enough having the name Yahoo just in front of it gives us just enough reasons to have full faith on the app and be carefree that the services and content it has to offer will not disappoint you at all.

Yahoo News Digest
                                                                                  Yahoo News Digest

The app lets you view all the latest news feeds, live scores of your favorite sports as well as get a hands-on with everything that is new coming up around you.

8. Circa News

Coming with some awesome features such as Commenting, Bookmarking as well as Following content, the Circa News aggregator app is just perfect for people who just love their news over videos and not very much interested in reading them.

Circa News
                                                                                    Circa News

And hence, if you think you are one of those many who love to listen to and view their news, rather than just reading it then the Circa news app will surely not disappoint you.

What Exactly Is a News Aggregator App?

In the simplest terms, a News Aggregator app or website is basically a place where you find all the various types of news from various sources online brought together to choose and viewed from a single place.

As a result, it giving you access to the most important and trending of news feeds from various sources at a single platform to view upon. And based upon your taste and requirements of news types and genres you may like.

Many apps or website are also capable of turning your news feed page into a fully personalized platform to provide you with the news which is important to you rather than filling you up with all other unnecessary stories which you may not find useful at all.

News Aggregator App Vs Conventional News Apps?

On one hand where the conventional news apps will only show you reports and content which they have prepared, and which they think are suitable for their readers.

There on the other hand News Aggregator apps and websites, depending upon your requirements and choice of news types and genres.

They import, categorize and list out all the important news articles from various top trusted news websites on a single particular platform, so that you have access to a wide variety of the most trending and trusted news source on a single place without having to go here and there to different websites to read a post which may interest you.

Why Are News Aggregator Apps And sites So Important?

In today’s busy world where we live, to be honest, the luxury of being able to sit on your favorite couch and go through a particular favorite newspaper from the beginning to the end is not something most of us have.

Hence, in order to stay updated with the news, which is important particularly to you and has an impact directly on you and your life and surroundings, news aggregator platforms are most certainly the best place for that.

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