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Many online marketers, students, and writers run their content through plagiarism before publishing or submitting their work. 

The question that always comes up is whether it is necessary to run your text through a plagiarism detector? 

The answer is – Yes, it is extremely important! Even if you don’t use plagiarism checker tools, you would eventually be caught with duplicate content one way or the other.

What Constitutes Plagiarism?

You should first understand what exactly plagiarism is before we talk in detail about it. Any text or content that is copied from other sources and not properly cited is considered plagiarized. Even if you have stolen ideas of other creators, paraphrased text, and reproduced it in your own words, it would still be termed as plagiarism.

This is why great stress is put on creating original work so that everyone understands that plagiarism is not only prohibited but is indeed a hindrance to one’s creativity.

Best Free and Paid CopyScape Alternatives

Copyscape is an incredible plagiarism detector tool that is used by business owners as well as writers. The accuracy and speed of the program are truly commendable.

However, Copyscape comes with a cost and has different payment plans. If you are looking for cheaper or free alternatives, then we have prepared a list that you would find useful.

Comparison Table

Copyscape AlternativesType of LicensePricing
Searchenginereports.netFree (Open Source)Zero
Smallseotools.comFree (Open Source)Zero
Pltext.comFree (Open Source)Zero
Grammarly.comFreemium$30 Month (Starting Price)
Prowritingaid.comFreemium$10 for 10 checks (Starting Price)
Quetext.comFreemium$9.99 Month (Starting Price)
Duplichecker.comFreemium$10 Month (Starting Price)
Plagiarismdetector.netFreemium$20 Month (Starting Price)
Prepostseo.comFreemium$45 Month (Starting Price)
Plagiarismchecker.coFreemium$10 Month (Starting Price)

1. | Free (Open Source)

Those who are running online businesses need a variety of tools to handle the SEO part of their website. At SearchEngineReports, you can get access to free plagiarism checker and also a range of other online tools that can be used to evaluate a website’s performance, such as domain authority checker, keyword position checker, backlink checker, reverse image search tool, and many more. The best part – all these tools are free of cost!

SearchEngineReports serves as the main hub for all your SEO-related needs. Also, the quality of duplication checks offered by this platform is top-notch.



  • In-depth plagiarism check
  • Check up to 1,500 words at one go
  • Copy-paste text, upload file, or URL
  • Highlighted copied results
  • Compare Duplicate Content
  • Rewrite Plagiarized Content
  • Download Plagiarism Report

2. | Free (Open Source)

When it comes to free plagiarism detector programs, SmallSEOTools tops the chart. This versatile plagiarism checker allows you to upload documents, devices, Google Drive, and even Dropbox. If you are a website owner who regularly checks their published content for plagiarism, then you can simply paste the link of the webpage on their plagiarism checker.



  • Compare your text with billions of web pages
  • Option to automatic rewriting copied content
  • Option to upload the document on multiple formats
  • Check content by URL
  • Download plagiarism report
  • Easily share the plagiarism report

3. | Free (Open Source)

Pltext, it is a tool to detect and remove plagiarism. Pltext uses the AI deep check to analyze and find the duplicate lines from your content.

It not just tells you the copied content but also recommends you with the guide to avoid plagiarism. To provide you better and accurate results, Pltext compares your content with the millions of web pages and academic resources on the web.



  • In-depth analysis
  • High-speed plag recognition
  • AI plagiarism remover mechanism
  • Unlimited edits
  • Unlimited paraphrasing allowed

4. | Freemium

When it comes to the paid alternative to Copyscape, Grammarly is the first name that comes to mind. With its premium version, you can even access its proofreading software. The output that comes out after being passed through Grammarly is definitely worth the read.



  • Compare your text with billions of web pages
  • Also, compare content from ProQuest’s academic databases
  • Highlighted copied passages
  • Compare the paragraph from where text is copied
  • Get advanced writing feedback

5. | Freemium

If you are a Prowritingaid Premium Plus member, then you will be able to use all of the features of Prowritingaid, such as grammar checker, plagiarism checker, etc. Otherwise, you can also separately buy the credit to check your content if you are not interested in using other Prowritingaid features.



  • Compare your text with billions of web pages
  • Most accurate results
  • Compare text with databases of thousands of offline periodicals and articles
  • Highlighted copied passages
  • Percentage of similarity to another’s work
  • Never resell your text to others

6. | Freemium

According to the given information on their site, Quetext has helped more than 5 million students, teachers, and professionals with their content to find plagiarism content. To make the work less hectic, Quetext highlighted the copied paragraphs in your content so you can easily fix or remove them. 



  • DeepSearch technology
  • Lightspeed recognition
  • Privacy comes standard
  • ColorGrade Feedback
  • Comprehensive Plagiarism Score

7. | Freemium

You can use this tool to check your content for free, but you can only check up to 1000 words in one go.

You have to buy the premium plan to check more than 1000 words per search. Their premium plan lets you search 10k words on every search, which is really helpful for professional writers, publishers, or those with similar professions.



  • Deep search
  • Freemium license
  • More accurate result with the premium plan
  • No ads

8. | Freemium

Like most of the free plagiarism checkers, this online tool too just lets you search up to 1000 words at one go. If you want to search more words as per search, then you have to buy their pro plan. With their pro plan, you can search up to 25K words at one go. The premium plan also benefits you with other advanced features and accurate results.



  • Deep Search
  • Check By URL
  • Real-time web search
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Multiple User Login
  • Multiple File Format
  • Downloadable PDF reports


We finalize this selection of programs to detect copy and paste with Prepostseo, another online service.

Like most free online plagiarism detectors, this one limits the number of words you can analyze in a text to 1000.

In general, its characteristics are similar to the other options. Its distinctive quality is in the way it displays the results, classifying the plagiarized phrases according to their resemblance to the original source.


  • You do not have to register to use it.
  • You can upload a text from the files on your PC, from Google Drive, the Microsoft cloud or directly by copying and pasting.
  • Results are displayed with a green and pink pie chart. The green part indicates the originality of the text and the pink part the plagiarized part.
  • You will be able to see some phrases highlighted with different colors.
  • Phrases underlined in yellow are paraphrased.
  • While the sentences underlined in pink are exact copies.
  • By clicking on the text sections you will see on the right side the matching link and the fragment of that link that looks like yours.

Other Copyscape Alternatives

Free Vs. Paid Plagiarism Checker

There is nothing on the internet for completely free, there are lots of ways to make money on the internet by providing free software or online tools. But there is no harm; it’s a win-win situation for both developer and users.

But you should consider these points before using any plaurisgm checker.

1. Accuracy

You have to understand that paid plagiarism checkers are more accurate and advanced than free tools without any doubt, so if you are a professional writer, publisher, blogger, or with any similar profession, then I will suggest you to go with the paid plagiarism checker.

2. Double-Check

Be aware before using the free plagiarism checker. If you are using any free plagiarism tool for the first time, then I will suggest you double-check the result.

You can simply try more than one tool and then compare their result to find that which tool provides the best and accurate results.

You can also copy the “copied paragraph” from the plagiarism report then paste it into google under the “” to double-check the result.

3. Privacy

Many times free plagiarism checkers steal and sell your content, so before considering any service or tool, make sure you read their Terms of Service that they are not stealing and selling your content.

You can also check the reviews of the tool on google to confirm their trustworthiness.

Why Use a Plagiarism Detector Tool?

The internet has certainly made it possible for us to learn and access information anytime and anywhere without even leaving home. This has led to a boom in content marketing but has also made it easier for marketers to plagiarize content. This is why the use of plagiarism detector tools has increased in the recent past.

Let’s take you through some common reasons why we need a plagiarism checker.

  • Allows You to Walk Through a Huge Variety of Databases

A plagiarism detector tool has access to a wide range of databases, which means you can always cross-check your work with a high volume of documents. The tool takes you through a multitude of various sources so that any incidents of duplication can be adequately identified and appropriate action is taken.

  • Serves as an Invaluable Educational Aid

As a student, when you find out that your paper or assignment has duplicate content, you can use this as an opportunity to learn to cite references. Students will understand how they can improve their writing and research skills to avoid such incidents in the future. Hence, plagiarism detector tools increasingly help enhance the learning experience of the user.

  • Instils No Cheating Policy

Bloggers and online marketers who understand the consequences of plagiarism would likely be more successful in their content marketing strategy in the future. This is because they will develop moral and ethical boundaries with respect to the content they create. Also, by knowing the consequences of plagiarism and how it can affect their online business and website, they will be careful with the content they publish online.

  • Saves from Loss of Customers and Viewership

Your target audience is always in search of quality content. They want to read text that is new, updated, and provides valuable information. Providing your prospective readers with already published content will only make them run away. You would end up losing your target customers and eventually sales. Content marketing has become a critical marketing tactic for online website owners and without it, making it to search engine’s top list is not possible.


Plagiarism detector tools are found in abundance in the online market. There is no doubt that even the free tools are performing as well as the paid ones. It is just that the free utility comes with lesser features than the paid ones.

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