Our Fact Checking Policy

Welcome to Quaries.com, we are not just your everyday typical tech review website, but instead an initiative to provide you with unbiased overview and review related to all major and minor consumer technologies from all around the internet and the globe. As well as we also publish lots of troubleshooting guides for games, websites, software, gaming consoles, hardware, etc.

We have designed our Fact-Checking Policy to ensure that the information we provide is accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy.

Our Commitment

At Quaries.com, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of accuracy and integrity in all our content. We know the importance of fact-checking because inaccurate information can do harm in many ways so we make sure to fact-check our content before publishing it on our website.

Our Technical Expertise

We only hire experienced writers and fact-checkers who have expertise in their topic, and all of our writers are from the gaming and tech industry.

Our Fact-Checking Process

Before publishing anything we verify all the information to make sure that the information is accurate and doesn’t contain any false information. 

Here is our fact-checking process.

Checking the Source: We ensure that our sources are reputable and that the information originates only from reliable sources.

Technical Verification: When applicable, we replicate and solve technical issues on our own computers and phones before publishing information related to error fixes and technical problems.

Data Verification: We verify numerical data to ensure accuracy.

Context Consideration: We take context into account, recognizing that it can significantly impact the interpretation of information.

Bias Checking: We remain vigilant to avoid accepting information solely because it aligns with our preferences or preconceived notions.

Originality of Content

We are dedicated to providing original and properly referenced content that respects copyright and intellectual property rights. Our commitment includes:

Fact Checkers At Quaries.com

Meet our fact-checking team:

Rahul Choudhary

Rahul Choudhary is a technology and troubleshooting expert. He gives his expert opinion on different technology trends and provides troubleshooting guides for different apps, websites, & consumer hardware products.

Rishikesh Hazarika

Rishikesh Hazarika is a tech enthusiast who is always curious to learn and absorb facts and data in the world of science and technology as well as tries to share his opinion. He has an M.Tech degree from North-Eastern Hill University.


We value feedback from our readers and the tech community. If you come across any of our content that you believe requires improvement or have concerns about our fact-checking practices, please visit our Contact Us page and use our contact form to reach out to us.