Ultimate Guide To Dark Mode | How To Use it? & Is it Really Worth Using?

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Dark Mode is quite popular in 2020 so in this post i am going to provide a detailed guide on Dark Mode that what is it? How It Can Be Beneficial For You? What Are The Bad Thing About It? And Much Else.

What Is Dark Mode?

If you are using a device or gadget bought most recently, then it is pretty obvious that you have definitely come across this feature “Dark Mode” or “Night Mode” at least once or twice. And if you have already tried it out, then you most definitely know what difference it brings upon your mobile or PC screen. 

The very first claim, the creators of Dark Mode for such devices have is that it prevents your screen to dissipate less blue light which may harm your eyes. And although, the pitch coming right from the developers may seem quite convincing to a lay man user, it does not hold any truth in reality.

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The only thing it does however, is that it will make your screen look more techy and smart. Also, that too is a view which may be relative in nature from person to person. For someone who is more used to dealing with bright and white backgrounds may just find a screen which is dark with white fonts more of a headache. 

Dark Mode is nothing more than going back in time when the very first machine screens would have a dark background screen with illuminated text or characters over them. The reason? Well because the tech was quite undeveloped then. The only reason we came this far for a screen to replicate something like a real life paper and text over it is to make life simple and easy. 

What Is Dark Mode?

Benefits Of Using Dark Mode

I will be just be very honest here. If you are here, looking for an answer like whether using Dark Mode on PC and Mobile phones is good for your eyes or not, then you might be up for a slight disappointment up ahead.

Why? Well, it is simply because most things you will find in the internet today claiming that Dark Mode helps to keep your eyes healthy by blocking or not allowing blue light to reach your eyes, but most part is not at all true. In fact, in the long run it is the other way around.

And it is not just me telling you this from my personal experience but something scientist from pristine universities and doctors also has to say and agree upon. 

Today, there are many software agencies as well as companies which claim that blocking blue light from devices is the best way to keep you eyes safe. There are also glass companies which claim a hundred percent that their glasses block blue light from entering your eyes.

And there are some who even go on to explaining how blue light from mobile and laptop screens penetrate your sensitive iris like lasers penetrating a thin parchment paper. But, no matter how scary these claims may sound, it is more or less a big hoax devised to frighten you into buying in their schemes and products in the end.

In the following article although, we will not try to cover up a wide spectrum of how these hoax work to put consumers into a tight spot in buying into their products.

We have picked up a slightly less hoaxy yet widely popular topic related to blue light and the health of your eyes, which is “What is Dark Mode in today’s smart devices? Does Dark Mode have any benefits at all? And finally, Whether it is actually a good idea to go for Dark Mode in the first place?”.

And I am pretty certain once you go through all the above topics, you will be sound enough to make a more informative and better decision on whether Dark Mode is something for you or not to try.

Does Dark Mode Really Have Any Benefits?

I guess by now it is pretty clear to the readers, where my opinions stand regarding the benefits of Dark Mode on the health of our eyes. But, if you are someone who is looking for something to look more techie, then be my guest to try out Dark Mode on your devices.

Because, there was a time when even I was very fascinated about how “cool” the whole Dark Mode thing looked on my screen. There were instances when, working on blogs and articles in Dark Mode made me feel as if I was in a “Matrix” movie trying to hack into someone’s system.

But, then again that was all fantasy and you could only stick to it for a short period of time for your own fascination. 

Practically speaking, Dark Mode actually does more harm to your eyes then any benefits so to speak. The fact that our eyes through so many years of evolution have suited it self to view the world as well as all objects around us in light will only bring harm to it if we go on for a more darker setup.

It is because, when we try to view something with less light, like that in case of Dark Mode, where the background in most cases is dark with contents highlighted. It puts more and more strain to your eyes in reality. Hence, puts your eyes in front of more harm.

Is It Actually A Good Idea To Go For Dark Mode?

The only single benefit of Dark Mode I forgot to mention earlier, I guess would be that with the Dark Mode on, your device screen may consume less power which somehow benefits if you want to keep your device battery running for a longer duration. And this too is only possible if your device comes with an LED or OLED screen and not an LCD screen.

This is because in case of an LED screen when your screen is not dark and bright, it actually lights up all the pixels behind on the back screen which automatically results in the consumption of more power. Whereas, in case of Dark Mode, since the screen back ground is more or dark or black, pixels behind the screen need not be bright and thus consume less power.

And this although, works pretty much in case of LED screen, for LCD screen is absolutely non applicable as the working principle of LCD screen is completely different and has nothing to do with which part of the screen is bright and which part is less bright.

So, in the end besides the fact that Dark Mode can help you cut down on how much power your screen consumes, otherwise in case of eye health and other health benefits, honestly its quite useless. And to back up all my claims, if you want you can go on to reading on the research paper article, published by the minds of Harvard themselves, to whether going for Dark Mode in PC’s tables and mobile phones is a good idea or not.

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FAQ’s | Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dark Mode Better For Eyes?

There is no proof that Dark Mode is actually good for eyes. Instead it is the other way around. When you work on Dark Mode for longer duration, it actually puts more strain on your eye muscles which result in damaging your eyes in the long run.

What Is The Purpose Of Dark Mode?

It is mostly based on hoax claims by brands and companies as a part of their marking strategy to add up features which end users may find attractive. Apart from that there is no useful purpose of Dark Mode honestly.

Why Is Dark Mode So popular?

It is all thanks to hype and marketing strategy of large brands and companies to send their product and services. There is no scientific proof that says that using Dark Mode has any health benefits at all for your eyes.

Does Android Have Dark Mode?

Yes, today almost all recently upgraded Android devices have a Dark Mode or most commonly known as Night Mode or Read Mode in them as an extra feature.

Does iOS Phones Have Dark Mode?

Yes, the most recent versions of iOS operating system installed in your Apple devices come with a Dark Mode. There are also separate apps too exclusively for managing your device’s dark mode.

Why Is Dark Mode bad?

Since, the very evolution of modern PC came from Dark Mode to Light Mode where documents over the screen are made to replicate how we work with documents in real life. Going back to dark mode does not seem very useful. Moreover, working on Dark Mode for longer duration of time may just result in extra strain of your eyes.

When Should I Use Dark Mode?

It is only a good idea to use Dark Mode once in a while whenever you get bored of working on your usual default screen. But, then again it is only better for a short time, as using Dark Mode for longer duration is never a good idea.

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