What Is Minecraft And How It Works? Everything You Need To Know

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Without doubt one of the best games of the decade, Minecraft truly holds a special place in the hearts of many who have played this game at least once in their life time.

Since its very initial release in the year 2011, Minecraft today has become one of the best selling and widely popular game all over the globe. And the best part about this game is that it is just not meant for kids or typical gamer lads but covers up people from all age groups and background. 

Honestly speaking, with Minecraft all you need to do is just dive in once and your world will never be the same anymore. What you can do in Minecraft and with Minecraft is just beyond imagination. And I am pretty sure that once you finish up the article, you will most certainly be on your feet to try out this extraordinary open world game and explore the virtual world beyond the real world.

How Minecraft Works?

What You Will Find Here?

Well before we head any further with out topic at hand today. I believe it would be a good idea to first know what we will be covering up in our article today, just so that you know where to skip and where to skim and which is the part that suits your interest the best so that you can jump straight away to the part you would love to read and know more about.

What Is Minecraft For Not So Noobs And Beginners?

When it comes to Open world and Sandbox games, specially a game such as Minecraft, then considering someone to be a complete professional is just impossible, as everyday there is something new or the other to see and explore.

And hence, the part where Sand Box comes into play which makes the game boundless and open to new things coming up everyday. So in this section I will just try to explain a few tits and tats on the concept of “Sand Box” and how this ability in this specific game makes it even more satisfying and worthwhile to play. 

How To Start Off On Your Minecraft Journey?

Just as the very title of the above sub heading might suggest, here I ll tell walk you through the entire process, from first logging in to your Minecraft account too purchasing it online too your first baby steps into the actual world of Minecraft.

Thus, without any more further delay let us look at each topic at hand as we go from being a complete noob to a true explorer in the world of Minecraft.

The Part For Noobs And Beginners

As said before, this is going to be the place where everyone considering themselves as beginners can hope to find their answers to “What actually the game is?” or “What is the main concept behind minecraft?” or simply “Why is the game so popular and so immersive in nature?” And I am pretty sure these are some of the many questions every beginner to Minecraft has in their minds. 

So, if I have to explain Minecraft in the simplest of terms, then it is simply a world as big as the physical world or may be even bigger than that of the physical world in a “Virtual World”, where you build, survive and can interact with new people from all across the globe.

But, it does not just stop there, if you consider yourself as someone who is creative, imaginative and at the same time innovative, in the world of Minecraft you can do a lot more than just building, surviving and interacting.

How Far Can Minecraft Take You?

Well, here let me give you a simple example just so you can grasp the simple idea of how far can Minecraft take you or how far can you take it. Now, given the fact that Minecraft lets you create your own world and set rules according to your needs at the very initial part itself enables you to achieve a lot.

Here, your creative skills enhance, your thinking capability is put into test and as you go along skills on other aspects are also tested as well. Basically, playing this single game enhances you in a whole lot many ways then you can imagine. Hence, as many call it, “Minecraft is not just a game for simply playing, but it is a game for Learning as well.”

From, understanding key concepts to Maths too understanding the principles involved in Physics, your kids as well as you can hope to learn it all here in the world of Minecraft. The only thing you have to know is where to find it. And once, you get the hang of it, I am pretty sure digging up knowledge is not going to be a problem at all. 

One of the many reasons why everything as mentioned above is so easily possible in the game lies in the very fact that Minecraft is one of the most beautifully designed “Open-World” games of this decade. Now, if anyone here is having a hard time understanding what an “Open-World” game is and want to know in depth the main principle behind it, then I suggest you to simply look out for it here “Open-World”.

Basically, as I mentioned above, it is basically a Virtual World where unlike most typical games, you have the freedom to go anywhere you like, explore any place you want to and interact with anyone you feel like and few a times like in case of Minecraft, even more.

The Part For Not So Noobs 

Well, since you are here reading this part, then my guess would be that you already know how Open-world games work or at least have gone through the previous part “The part for Noobs & Beginners”, where I have tried to explain what it is. Anyways, I would assume that you already know about it and head to the part “Sandbox” which I would say is the second most important part of this game.

What Is Minecraft For Not So Noobs And Beginners?

Along with being an Open-World game, Minecraft also is a Sand-box game. And not just any Sandbox type game, but one of its kind when it comes to truly maintaining the essence of Sandboxing of a game.

Now, for those of you who are completely Greek to the term Sandbox, it basically means to represent a game which allows users or players to interact with the game in whatsoever way they want. And I many a times although, Open-world and Sandbox may go hand in hand and interchangeably mean the same thing, it is not the case.

Where an Open-World game more refers to the part where you can explore the world around you, like moving here and there. Sandbox on the other hand means you can actually interact with anything you like and the decisions you take on each part completely changes the final outcome of the end results. 

And although, there are many Sandbox games out there today. The reason why I say that Minecraft has truly managed to keep the essence of Sandboxing lies in the basic fact that the game in no way leads you to a certain goal. To be precise, there is actually no goal in Minecraft. You simply reap what your actions allow lead you too. There is no story or no ultimate goal.

And that is exactly what makes it one Sandbox game of its kind. Unlike any other Sanbox genre games where even though you can interact with certain elements and make decisions on your own, still in one way or the other you are heading towards an ultimate goal. It is like the game wants you to reach there.

But in case of Minecraft there is nothing such an ultimate goal. It is like your one decision can alter the whole future of your role in the game. It is hence that simple and fun.

Things To Know Before You Play Minecraft

1. What you can build here?

From cars to rockets to buildings to space craft, you can build it all here. The only thing that can stop you is your imagination and your system’s memory space or RAM, i.e. besides hardware limitations of your systems and servers, everything else inside the game is just limitless.

2. What you can do here?

Well, what you can actually do or want to actually do once you are inside this game is all up to you. You can start your own very realm or world and list out the rules in it according to your will and desires, invite your friends and other players online to play and Voila! You have your very own system going on. 

3. Realms aka Work

So to speak, the very working principle of Minecraft revolves around worlds and realms. Although, the two might seem or sound different in the very beginning, trust me they are both the same.

In technical terms a Realm or a World basically means a Server space where you create your own very world and give out your own very rules and build it the way you want so that your friends can access it and play in your world as you and they like.

And similarly, even you can access different realms or world of different Minecraft players online and explore them one by one as you go. And hence, that is the main reason why the game seems like a never ending paradise with different new realms coming up everyday, ready to get discovered and explored.

Different Modes in Minecraft

Just like any typical game, Minecraft too has its very own playing modes. Each mode comes with its very own experience and feel to it and one can easily choose from any of the modes which suits him or her the best.

  • Survival Mode: The very first and fundamental mode will come across I would say is the “Survival Mode”. And just as the very name of the mode suggest, all you have to do when you enter this mode is simply to survive the game. In this mode you get spawned directly into an unknown world, quite randomly and abruptly, after which you must do everything it takes like building a shelter, gathering resources and fighting off other players and bots in order to just survive in the game. It is the best mode, I would say too start off one’s journey on an adrenaline rush.
  • Hardcore Mode: If you like things a bit more daring and wild, then Hardcore is just the thing for you. Here, there is no such thing as respawning like the ones you could experience on Survival mode. And once you die, you just die, there is no coming back. The entire map gets deleted and you just stay there as a mere spectator.
  • Spectator Mode: Well, this is ideal for those of you who just simply want to get the feel of the water before diving in it. And just as the name itself suggests, when you enter the game in this mode you merely have the ability to look at everything. You can neither interact with an object or neither build anything. All you can do is simply sit back, relax and watch others playing the game.
  • Adventure Mode: This mode simply lets you immerse yourself into adventures filled with fighting with mobs and using objects to save your lego ass all together.
  • Creative Mode: Last but certainly not the least, one of my favorite modes all togehter is the Creative Mode. And honestly speaking, once you enter the game in this mode, you will feel no less than a God, creating his or her very own paradise. You can neither be killed here, neither will you run out of resources and neither will you have to stick to just walking. Yes, you heard me right. In this mode you also have the ability to fly, thus enabling you to at an instant move to any place you want by simply flying there. Also, since the very mode itself spells Creative, this mode is where you actually design and build your world, so how ever you want to build and whatever you want to build is completely up to you. 

Short Guide To Getting Started With Minecraft

To get started with Minecraft, the very first thing you need to do is simply go to the official “Minecraft” website and select the platform of your choice for which you want to purchase the game and download on to. However, it is advised that you first “Sign into” or “Sign Up” for an account in Minecraft before you go on purchasing your very first game.

Minecraft Official Website

Now, once you have selected the type of device. You will next need to select the type of platform you want to install the game on. And once you are done selecting that, you simply need to select the edition of choice and ‘Buy’ the game online.

Buy’ the game online

Next if you have not already signed up for a Majong Account as advised earlier, you would need to register and open up an account now. Simply fill in your details and click on the ‘Create Account’ button to get registered. After, you have done it all, you should be able to download the game into your system next and have it installed onto your PC or Mac like other typical applications out there.

Minecraft Majong Account

Then once, installation is finished. All you need to do is launch the game, fill in your Email Address and Password and Log In to your game. In the next section you will need to create your profile, which I will leave up to you and then once you reach to the main menu, you will most probably be greeted with a Singleplayer and Multiplayer options. 

Here, next I ll show you how you can go on initializing yourself in the Single Player mode and will leave the Multiplayer mode for you to try it out on your own. Because once you get the hold of setting up yourself in the Single Player mode, Multiplayer will pretty much seem to you like a piece of cake.

  • So, first select the Single Player mode and then get redirected to the Create New World page. It is quite obvious that since this is your first time playing the game, you your list of worlds should most probably be empty and will see no list which normally once your start creating your worlds start to appear.
  • Next, once you are on the Create New World page, type in the name of the World you want to give your world. Then select on the type of Game Mode you want to enter in as just mentioned above in “Different Modes in Minecraft”. And then click on the “Create New World” button and Voila! You are inside your own very Minecraft world.

So, that is it guys. That is the world of Minecraft for you. I hope the article could help you find your way into the game and once you are on the other side, hope we could all meet each other there. Until then enjoy your way to innovation and exploration.

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