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Prime Video is the video streaming service which lets you stream or download Movies, TV shows, Anime etc.

Prime Video is a separate service by Amazon , but it’s part of the Amazon Prime Membership.

Amazon Prime

Which means that if you buy the Amazon Prime Membership then you will not just be eligible for the fast delivery, but you can also get access to other amazon services such as Prime Video, Prime Music, games etc.

What Can You Watch On Prime Video?

On Prime video you can watch Movies & Tv shows on all genres.

Apart from world’s movies and TV shows, Amazon has its own production films which are released on Prime Video, and those videos are known as Prime Original content.

With Prime Video you can also access regional language movies.

During the covid cinema theatres were shut down, so many big movies released on the Prime Video.

So Prime Video is the complete entertainment package where you can watch movies & TV shows in your favorite genre, or language.

Prime Video Vs Amazon Prime Vs Instant Video

Prime Video: As i said Prime Video is the video streaming service which lets you stream or download Movies, TV shows, Anime etc.

Amazon Prime: On the other hand Amazon Prime is a paid subscription program from Amazon which provides extra premium benefits to their prime customers. To get the Prime subscription users have to pay a certain membership fee, and in exchange users can enjoy the benefits like free and fast delivery, prime video prime music, games and much more.

Amazon Instant Video: Amazon instant Video is an addition which service available for both prime and non prime users. With instant video users can buy or rent movies, and other videos.

Prime Video Benefits

  • Free Movies & TV Shows: With Prime Video you can get access to thousands of movies & TV shows for free. There are so many filters which you use to sort out the list of your favorite titles.
  • Prime Original Content: Like Netflix Original, Amazon also has its own production team, and all of the titles under the Amazon production known as Prime Original content. These titles are only released on Prime Video.
  • Available For All Popular Devices: Prime Video supports all of the popular devices such as Android, IOS, Smart TV, xbox etc. So you can use the prime video on any devices of your choice.
  • One membership, many benefits: Prime Video is the part of the Amazon Prime membership which also lets you access Amazon Music, Games, and much more Amazon services.
  • Offline Mode: If you are going on any trip, or somewhere there is no internet. Then you can download the titles to watch offline without the internet.
  • Family Friendly: There is parent control, and a dedicated kinds page. So you can control what your child is watching.
  • Rent Or Buy Titles: With the Amazon Instant Video you can buy or rent titles which are not available on the prime video for free.

Prime Video Pricing

  • United States — $12.99/mo or $119/year
  • Canada — CDN$7.99/mo or CDN$79/year
  • United Kingdom — £7.99/mo or £79/year
  • India — Rs.129/mo or Rs.999/year
  • Australia — AU$6.99/mo or AU$59/year

How To Get Prime Video For Free?

Amazon offers a 30 days free trial of Prime Membership if you are a first time customer. So if you are not sure if Amazon Prime Membership will bring value or not. Then simply take the 30 days free trial.

If you find their Prime Membership is valuable then you can continue the subscription by paying the monthly subscription fees. Otherwise you can cancel the subscription anytime in between the 30 days of trial period.

Simply go to, and apply for the trail.

What Is Prime Video Student Account?

If you are enrolled as a student with a valid .edu email address, then you can take advantage of the Prime Student.

It’s the same as Amazon Prime but limited only to students.

Prime Student account comes with most of the benefits a normal Prime Account offers, such as fast delivery, Prime Video, unlimited photo storage, etc.

But in comparison, Prime students come with a huge discount; for a student, they just need to give 6.49$ per month. On the other side, a normal user pays 12.99$ per month.

Also, as a student, you can get free six months of trial.

To learn more visit here

How To Subscribe Prime Video

  • Create a account at Amazon, or use your existing account
  • Login to Amazon
  • Tap on the Account icon from top right corner
  • Tap Your Prime Membership
  • Tap Join Amazon Prime
  • Choose the membership plan
  • Choose the payment details
  • Complete the payment
  • You are done

Prime Video Compatible Devices

  • Android devices
  • iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV Stick
  • Web browsers
  • Xbox One and One X consoles
  • Blu-ray players (LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony)
  • PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles
  • Set-top boxes (Chromecast, Nvidia Shield TV, and others)
  • Smart TVs (most manufacturers)

How Long Does Content Stay on Amazon Prime Video?

Prime Original content will stay on the Prime Video platform for always but other titles accepts the Prime Original may get unavailable from Prime Video once the agreement between Amazon & Creator/Producer expires.

But there is no exact date of the titles to expire.

Prime Video Add-On Channels

Add-on channels are the additional feature where the Prime Video subscriber can buy premium channels such as HBO, Noggin, Shudder etc, by paying the monthly subscription.

To use the Amazon Add on channel you have to have access to the prime video, and have to pay the extra monthly subscription fees for each add on channel.

Add On channels on prime video is not available in all countries. It’s available in US and some other countries.

Prime Video ChannelFree Trial LengthMonthly Price
BritBox7 days$6.99
Boomerang7 days$4.99
CBS All Access7 days$5.99
Cinemax7 days$9.99
Comedy Central Now7 days$3.99
CuriosityStream7 days$2.99
Gaia7 days$11.99
HBO7 days$14.99
MLB.TV3 days$19.99 to $24.99 per year
NickHits7 days$7.99
Noggin7 days$7.99
PBS Kids7 days$4.99
PBS Masterpiece7 days$5.99
PGA Tour LiveNo trialFrom $9.99
Showtime7 days$10.99
Shudder7 days$5.99
Starz7 days$8.99
Urban Movie Channel7 days$4.99

Amazon Prime Alternatives

Renting and Buying Videos From Amazon

Amazon also offers renting and buying Movies or TV shows for the Prime & Non Prime members.

Not all of the titles are free on the Prime Video, you have to pay for those titles which are not available for free.

This service is similar to iTunes and Google Play Movies.

Amazon offers renting & buying titles service with many terms & conditions so before making any purchase please read all of the important details carefully.

Visit here to know more about renting & buying movies on Amazon.

How Complicated Prime Video Is To Use?

Using prime video is very easy, and anyone can use it.

You just need to open prime video from your device, enter your login details, and enjoy.

How To Contact Prime Video Support?

You have two ways to contact prime video support, whether you can contact them from the Webpage or your mobile app.

Contact Prime Video Help By Prime Video Webpage

  • Simply tap here
  • Now Choose “Problem streaming/downloading video.”
  • Now select the way of contact, Such as “Phone, Chat or Email.”
  • Now explain the issue to the support team.

Contact Prime Video Help By Prime Video App

  • Tap My Stuff from the bottom right corner
  • Tap the setting icon from the top right corner
  • Tap Contact Us
  • Tap App Issues
  • Choose Video Streaming Issues
  • Choose you can want to contact by “Phone” or “Email”
  • Now explain the issue to the support team

Prime Video Guide & Resources

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