What Are The Major Differences Between Android, Windows and Linux OS

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All of these three operating systems are developed for different platform and devices. Android is developed for the smartphones mobiles, windows if for the desktop PC and last in the list Linux is developed for both servers and desktop.

Windows OS

In term of uses, windows is much simple and easy where you do not require to have any knowledge of coding and or any kind of terminal command.

Windows come with proprietary so you do not have any control over its source code, you can not customize it as per your requirement. In simple term, you do not have full control over the windows.

Windows OS

Now let’s talk about the Linux, most of us consider and refer it to the operating system but Linux is not an operating system instead it is Kernel which uses to built the operating system.

Linux OS

Linux has lots of different computer software distribution packages for different users which gives a customised user experience to different users. And Linux comes with the open source license.

Users afraid to use the Linux because they think it required to have knowledge of coding and commands lines for using linux but it is not necessary.

Linux OS

You can use the Linux without any good knowledge of commands lines and codes. But if you are having some knowledge of commands lines then you can effectively use the Linux. In Linux based machine root user can help you to get full overall access to the OS.

Android is the most popular operating system for the Smartphone mobiles, it contains a user-friendly UI and gives a good performance.

The interesting thing it is too developed in the Linux Kernel, So here too with the help of Root you can get the overall control over your Android Operating System like Linux and even it is possible to do changes as per your requirement.

Android OS

Like Linux Android is too open source, if you think that cost of Android is already added in the smartphone price then you are wrong.

Android OS

You only pay for the Phone hardware and the company’s customized OS. There is no proprietary of Google over the Android. Google made the Android open source and as a result, any developer from the world can customize the Android as per their idea and it is called Custom ROMs like lineage.

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