How To Fix Bell Fibe TV Error Code 101?

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  • Platform: Bell Fibe TV
  • Error code: 101
  • Occurs: Error comes while watching any channels
  • Effect of the error: Users can’t watch any channels on their Bell Fibe TV

You may get the error code 101 on your Bell Fibe TV while watching any channel. If you are currently facing this error then here in this article, we will share the details of this error to help you out with the problem.

As per the official information shared on the Bell website, error code 101 comes when your wireless receiver transmitter gets disconnected or powered off. When this error comes your wireless receiver will show a red dot instead of a green signal indicator.

Fixes For Bell Fibe TV Error Code 101

Fix 1: Reboot Your System

The very first step you need to take is to reboot your system. Simply shut down all of the devices, then remove the ethernet cables and properly reinsert them back to their places. Then restart your devices and check if the error still comes. 

  • First, unplug the second/third receiver.
  • Then unplug the first receiver.
  • Then unplug your router.
  • Then let all your devices rest for around 5 minutes.
  • Then remove and reinsert ethernet cables.
  • Then after 5 minutes restart your router, and wait till your router fully restarts.
  • Then restart your first receiver and wait for around 5 minutes.
  • Then restart the other receivers.
  • Now check if the error still comes.

Fix 2: Pair Receiver With The Transmitter

  • First, you need to power on the wireless receiver and TV. Wait patiently as it may take around 2 minutes.
  • Now you need to wait till you get the connection instructions on the TV.
  • Then go to your wireless transmitter.
  • Then check if your wireless transmitter is on and properly connected to the Fibe modem via an Ethernet cable.
  • Then on your wireless transmitter make sure your Wi-Fi status light is green.
  • Then on your wireless transmitter tap the WPS button, and as you still tap the button its green light should start flashing.
  • Now go to your wireless receiver and when it asks for press the OK button.
  • All steps are done, now your receiver should reconnect to the transmitter and restart. It may take around 2 minutes so wait patiently.


Fix 3: Use The Virtual Repair Tool

  • If you still get the error then you should try using the Virtual Repair Tool which will check for the following things,
    1. It will check for any ongoing service outages in your area.
    2. It will check the equipment outside your home.
    3. It will restart your hardware.
    4. It will check and optimize the settings for your service.

Fix 4: Book A Technician Appointment

If you still have this error then you should book a technician appointment to get further help with this error. At this point, it looks like this error needs technical assistance from the technician team.


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