How To Fix Curl Error Code 90?

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Usually, cURL Errors occur or are caused due to outdated versions of PHP or cURLs. They can be considered server-related errors which often happen at the server end instead on the client’s side. When a server is not configured properly, then such an error may occur quite frequently. 

And given the fact that the Curl Error Code 90 may also be a Server related configuration issue. There is actually nothing much you can do here anyways, instead of just waiting it out or ticketing the error to the developers as have been shown below. 

Curl Error Code 90

How To Resolve Curl Error Code 90?

Fix 1: Check Server Status

To know whether the issue is only happening on your system, or others around you are suffering from the same as well. It would be a good idea to check for the server status by going to the following website here

If the issue is a server related or outage issue widespread. Then, it should be notified on the website. And if everything is up and running fine, you should see everything in green and mentioned to be ‘operational’ as can be seen from the screenshot shown above.

Curl Error Code 90

Fix 2: Address the issue to developers

A few users have found discussing their problems straight with the cfx team to be helpful. 

Simply, head to the following official forum and report your problem there. Once you do that, a Cfx executive should come forward asking you about your issue as well as what kind of settings you are configured to on your end. 

They will take all the information and data provided by you into account and try to solve the issue at their end itself.

Fix 3: Miscellaneous Troubleshooting Fixes

You can also give the following methods a try such as reinstalling FiveM, restarting servers and installing FiveM on a different PC and connecting with that.

These are just general troubleshooting solutions, which you can try during the time you wait for the Cfx team to reply to your request as mentioned in Fix 2. 

You can also have a look at the video below, to check out the steps mentioned in the video and check to see if they can help solve the issue for you as well. 

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Curl Error Code 90 occur?

The Curl Error Code 90 usually occurs when users try to connect to servers.

What happens because of the Curl Error Code 90?

The Curl Error Code 90 prevents users’ systems from establishing connection to the servers.

What are the troubleshooting steps to fix Curl Error Code 90?

To troubleshoot the following Curl Error Code 90, you can try checking server status, ticketing the issue to the Cfx team, reinstalling FiveM and installing FiveM on a different PC.

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