How To Fix EA Sports PGA Tour Error Code 5?

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If you are currently struggling with the error code 5 with the EA Sports PGA Tour, then do not worry as here in this article we will share the details for this error.

As per our research, the error comes when users try to play the career mode in the PGA Tour, and the error mainly comes after every hole or after every 4-5 holes.

During our research, we were unable to find any specific reasons for the error but we were able to find a few troubleshoots which may help you deal with the issue.

Fixes For PGA Tour Error Code 5

Note: Before trying any given suggestions we advise you to check for any pending game updates. If there are any pending updates, then make sure to install them and then check for the error again.

Fix 1: Try Removing Any Connected Device

If the game is up to date with its latest version then try removing any connected devices or any USBs from the console. Once done try restarting your console and then check for the error again.

Fix 2: Check If Nat Type Is Open

Next, check and make sure that your NAT type is open. Below we have shared the steps to check if your Nat type is open or not.

For PS5

  • Go to the Home Menu.
  • Then tap the Gear icon in the top-right corner.
  • Then choose Settings.
  • Then choose Network.
  • Then choose View Connection Status.
  • Then check and make sure Nat Type is Open.

For Xbox

  • Tap the Xbox button to access the guide.
  • Then choose Profile & system.
  • Then choose Settings.
  • Then choose General.
  • Then choose Network settings.
  • Then go under Current Network Status.
  • Then make sure the Nat type is open.

Fix 3: Try Pressing The Xbox Button

Note: This is not a permanent solution but this will do the trick temporarily.

If you are playing on the Xbox, then try pressing the Xbox button from the controller while the spinning icons are on the screen.

We don’t know exactly what is happening but in our research, we have found that pressing the Xbox button while the circle is trying to save is somehow triggering the game into saving. So if you are on the Xbox then you should try this.

Fix 4: Try Restarting The Game As Soon As Error Happens

The next workaround is to restart the game as soon as the error happens.

This is also another temporary workaround that will save some of your time by saving the holes you have played up to the point. Otherwise, you have to play the hole that won’t count.

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