How To Fix Error Code 232600 “This Video File Cannot Be Played”?

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In this blog post, we will share the details about the error code 232600 which can occur when you are trying to play a video on any website from your browser, but the video doesn’t play and shows the error code.

Error says
This video file cannot be played.

If you are having this error then most probably it is a server-side error coming from the website itself. But we will suggest you try some troubleshooting on your browser level to make sure there is nothing wrong with your browser.

Error Code 232600

Fixes For Error Code 232600 “This Video File Cannot Be Played”

Fix 1: Try Playing Other Videos

If possible try playing other videos to check if the error is coming for any particular video or all the videos. If the error is coming for any particular video then there is nothing wrong on your end, and it’s that particular video which itself has some issues.

If you are getting the error for all the videos then try the below given troubleshoots.

Fix 2: Disable Any AdBlocker

If you are using any adblocker extension on your browser then consider disabling it and then reloading the video you are trying to play. Check if that helps you resolve the error.

Fix 3: Other Workarounds

  • Check if you need to update your browser. If yes then consider updating your browser to the latest firmware version.
  • Try using your browser incognito/private mode to check if that helps. If it resolves the issue then clear your browser cookies.
  • Try using any other browser of your choice to check if the issue is browser specific, or having the issue no matter what browser you are using.

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