How To Fix Giffgaff Error Code 0?

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If you are operating in the United Kingdom, you might be familiar with GiffGaff. This is a great virtual network operator. It is known for the affordable plans that it offers and there’s also a community-led approach for customer service. This is what makes the company popular. 

The error code resolution on GiffGaff works on a community-led approach as we have mentioned above. This means that the users have forums where they can vote for new features and also help solve the issues for other users.

In this article, we are discussing the GiffGaff error code 0. This issue is generally regarded as a generic error code, and it can be caused by a variety of problems. We cannot point out a single reason for the error code and This is why we need to discuss different solutions for the same.

Let’s get into the next section where we are going to discuss the solutions for this error code.

How to get rid of the GiffGaff error code 0?

As we have already mentioned in the above paragraph, this is not an error that we can point out the exact issue. This means that we need to try different solutions till one of them works for you.

Here is how you can solve the issue.

Fix 1: You are using an incorrect phone number

While using the service, you need to make sure that you are entering the correct phone number. 

If you have entered the wrong phone number then you might not be able to access the services and you will also face the error code zero. One other mistake that people make is that they do not give attention to the area code that they enter before the phone number. When you were checking for issues with the phone number also make sure that you are using the correct area code. 

Once you have entered the correct phone number, try using the services again to see if the issue still persists.

Fix 2: Check your credit balance

You need to have an appropriate amount of credit balance to message the number that you are trying to message.

If you’re not sure about your balance then you can check by logging into your account your current account balance or you can also try texting “BAL” to 23456. This will let you know if you have enough credits to send a message that you are trying to send. If you do not have enough credit balance on your account, you can top up and then try again. If you do not know how to top up, you can find the explicit instructions on the GiffGaff website.

Fix 3: Try restarting your phone

Sometimes the issue is not with the account and the credit balance, but it is with the device that you’re using.

This can happen when too many background processes are going on on your phone, which is quite common in the era of smartphones. When too many tabs are open on your device, then the memory gets clogged up and then the platform that you’re trying to access might not be able to launch.

A simple fix to this issue is to try restarting your phone. Once you restart the phone again, initiate the process to send a message and see if you are still facing the error code 0.

Fix 4: Wait for a while and come back later

It is not always the case that the issue is on your end. Sometimes the servers can also be a part of the issue.

The GiffGaff server might be down due to maintenance or an unexpected server crash. Usually, when maintenance is scheduled, you get an e-mail notifying you about the blockages on the server. The time of resolution is also usually mentioned in that e-mail. You can check your registered e-mail address to see if there is an e-mail about server maintenance from the official support team. 

If there is no e-mail but you still suspect that the server is down, you can Google Down Detector and type GiffGaff on the search bar.

You will see the outage report in your area for the server and if the server is down you need to contact the support team, raise a support ticket, wait, and come back later. This is all you can do in the case of a server outage.

Fix 5: Make sure that your app is updated to the latest version

If you are using the app for messaging, then you need to make sure that the app is updated to the latest version.

Many people ignore the warnings of the system updates and they do not realise the drawbacks of the same till they face an issue. If you have ignored the updates for the app for a long time, then you need to make sure that your app is updated to the latest version. Look for the latest version of the app and install the update if you see one.

Now try to carry out the process that you were carrying out before and see if the issue persists.

Fix 6: Try to send a message through a different phone

Sometimes you cannot solve the issue on your phone with a simple restart. In this case, you need to try to send the message from a different phone.

You can also try to send a message from a computer by logging into your account. This is a solution that the users have suggested on the user forums. 

To see if there are any other issues on your GiffGaff account, you also can try to send a message to a different number. If you do not face any issue by sending a message to a different number, this means that the issue can be with the receiver’s phone.

Fix 7: Disable the Ad-blocker extensions or third-party software that you are using on your web browser

If you are trying to access the platform through a web browser, then make sure that you’re not using any ad blockers or third-party extensions.

Also, make sure that you’re not using a virtual Private network. 

These issues can actually cause problems with the platform that you’re trying to use on your web browser. GiffGaff is just one of them. Make sure that you turn off all the ad blocker extensions or the third-party software as well as the virtual private network that you are using.

Launch the browser and see if this gets rid of the error code.

Fix 8: Clear the cookies and cache data on your web browser

The cookies and cache on the web browser can get corrupted if it is not cleared for a long time. Even if it does not get corrupted, it is still holding a lot of space for the working memory on your web browser.

Make sure that you launched the web browser settings and clear the cookies and cache data before you relaunch and try to resend the message.

Fix 9: Contact the customer support team

If you have tried all the solutions that we have mentioned on the list above and you are still not able to get rid of the issue, then you need to get in touch with the customer support team.

They will tell you if there are any specific issues with your account that you need to sort out before you can start messaging other people. They will also give you personalized assistance with your support ticket.

To conclude

The error code 0 on GiffGaff is a generic error code. We cannot point out what is the exact issue when this error code shows up.

This is why we have mentioned all the solutions that can help you get rid of this issue. We hope that we were able to help you get rid of this issue and get back to messaging people. Keep following for more technical advice.

Happy texting!!

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