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halo infinite "error retrieving data center connection quality information"

In the game Halo Infinite, there are some errors that are very difficult to solve. You can visit the support team but the different suggestions are all over the place and hence, it will cause you to have persistent issues with the game.

In this article, we are discussing one of these issues. Halo Infinite error retrieving data center connection quality information.

This error code shows up without any other explanation and can leave you confused about what to do. There can be many different reasons that this happens and we will mention the solutions for each one of them in the next section.

Let’s jump to the next section and discuss all the fixes for this issue in detail.

Fixes For Halo Infinite “error retrieving data center connection quality information”

As we have mentioned in the introduction above, there isn’t much information that you will receive about this error code when you first notice it.

You just get subjected to the error code and the line that goes with it. Exactly what caused the issue and what can be done to get rid of it is confusing. We are here to eliminate that confusion in this section. Here is what you can try to get rid of the issue.

Fix 1: There is a problem with your Internet connection

If your Internet connection is not stable and the speed is not fast enough, you will not be able to play the game Halo Infinite.

There will be definitely an error retrieving the data from the server and that is why you will receive the error retrieving data center connection quality information.

To check If your Internet connection speed is suitable enough for the game stream, you need to Google an Internet speed meter and run a speed test on your connection.

After running the test, you will get a report about the upload and download speed of your Internet connection and whether the speed is enough to continue with the gameplay.

If the speed is not enough, you need to contact your Internet service provider to help you with the issue. They will suggest you change your Internet plan or work around the issue that you’re having.

Fix 2: Problem with the game servers

If everything is OK with you in terms of the Internet connexion, the other simple issue that you must be facing is the issue with the game server.

We say that this is a simple issue because there is nothing that you have to do on your part, but the developers of the game will take care of the issue for you. 

The only thing that you do need to do is to make sure that the server is down. To do this you can visit the player forums where other players will discuss if there is a server outage or you can also Google a down detector tool.

The down detector website can give you the real-time outage report according to the region where the server is facing an outage currently.

If the server is down, sit tight and wait for the developers to solve the issue for you.

Fix 3: There is a problem with your network firewall

The network firewall that you use on your device is responsible for blocking the connections that you make on the Internet.

The firewall blocks potential threats on the Internet and this is why you might not be able to access certain websites and platforms because they have been blocked by your firewall.

In some cases, the firewall falters and blocks the platforms that are potentially not harmful. In some such cases, it is possible that your firewall has blocked the Halo Infinite Server.

You can visit the Blacklist of Your Network Firewall which contains a list of all the platforms and websites that have been blocked by the firewall. If you see Halo Infinite, you remove it from the list and also added to the list of exceptions so that it is not blocked by the firewall in the future.

Fix 4: There is a problem with your game files

The data from the server is only half of the issue. The other issue lies with the game files that you download on your computer to play Halo Infinite.

If there is no issue that you’re facing due to the data from the server not reaching the game, then it is possible that the game files are at fault.

To solve this issue, you need to verify the integrity of the game files. It depends on the game plan which you are playing through. The integrity of the game files by launching Microsoft or Steam.

Go to the game library on your game client and right-click on Halo Infinite when you see it. On the list of options that pop up, click on Verify the integrity of your files. 

All that you need to do has been completed in this step, as now the Microsoft or Steam game client will take care of the files that are missing or corrupt and replace them with fresh ones.

Fix 5: There is a problem with the Xbox Live account

If you are playing the game through Xbox, then you might be playing it with the help of an Xbox Live account.

If there is an issue with your Xbox Live account, it will also show up on the game and you will have an error retrieving the data center quality information. That is exactly what is written on the error code. 

To make sure there are no issues on the Xbox Live account, check if the Xbox Live account is signed in with the right credentials and if there is a valid subscription that you are using.

Fix 6: Change your DNS address to Public Google DNS

The Domain Name System can be a huge issue if the platform that you are trying to reach cannot identify the IP address of your computer.

The easy way to solve this issue is to Google Public Google DNS and replace it with the DNS addresses that you find on the settings of your device. Replace both the primary and secondary DNS addresses and then re-launch the game.

Fix 7: Update the drivers for your network adapter and graphics card

When players forget to update their devices to the latest version, then they face many issues in the game. One of them was to update the drivers for the network adapter as well as the graphics card.

If the network adapter is not updated to the latest version, you will not be able to connect to the network that you prefer to connect to, and if the graphics card is not updated, it will cause problems in the gameplay.

Make sure that you check for the latest updates to the network adapter and graphics card drivers and download the latest update if you find one.

Fix 8: Close conflicting programs in the background

If you’re facing this problem while playing the game and there are other programs running in the background, You need to consider switching off these conflicting programs.

This step will help you clear the memory resources of the device and you will be able to use the game without any disturbances.

Fix 9: Contact the game support team

We have mentioned all the solutions that can help you get rid of this error. But if you are not able to get rid of the error even after trying all of these solutions on the list, then we will suggest that you contact the game support team.

They will personally follow your issue and ask you if certain solutions work for you and if they don’t they will suggest newer solutions. This way you can make sure that the support will not leave your site until the solution is reached.

You can also visit the user forums to kill advice from other players who have faced the same issue as you and have tried some solutions that have helped them get rid of the issue.

To conclude

This error on Halo Infinite is not a very well-defined error and that is why you will not be able to understand what to do in case you start facing it.

This is why we have scoured the Internet to find these solutions for this issue and also the different reasons behind it.

We hope that we were able to help you get rid of the issue and you are now able to play a game in peace.

Keep following for more gaming and technical advice.

Happy gaming!!

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