How To Enable Dark Mode In The Google Play Store App?

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In this post, we are going to explain how to activate the Dark Mode In Google Play Store in all Android versions, including Android 10, Earlier & later versions.

Android introduced the System-wide Dark Mode in September 2019 with Android 10, where users could change the mobile to the dark mode from the light mode.

The system-wide dark mode is only available for the Android 10 and later versions.

Previous versions Android 9 and earlier are not enabled for the system-wide Dark mode, but they can set the dark mode for the Google Play Store.

As I mentioned, System wide Dark Mode was introduced in September 2019, but Play Store introduced dark mode in March 2020.

So now, Android users can change their Play Store look to a dark theme. 

How To Activate The Dark Mode In Google Play Store?

For Android 10 & Later

By default, the Play store has a light mode, but you can change it to the dark mode from the Play Store app.

  • First open Play Store app
  • Go to the menu from the top right corner
  • Tap on Setting
  • Select theme
  • Now choose the dark mode

For Android 9 & Earlier

As I tell you that system-wide dark mode is only for Android 10 & later, but the earlier version has the option to set the dark mode for the Play Store.

The process is the same listed above to activate the dark mode to the Play Store in Android 9 or earlier.

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