Forgot Your Mi Phone Password? Try These Methods To Unlock Your Phone Without Loosing Data

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A forgotten password is one of the common issues that users face nowadays. Whether its email account or mobile phone now and then issue emerges out of the blue.

Talking about mobile phones, Mi is a well-known brand in the smartphone market that offers an incredible piece of gadgets to the masses.

Mi is highly concerned about the safety of their devices hence provides several options to secure the mobile phone such as pin pattern, face unlocking, password, and more.

Sometimes users fail to remember their password and end up just looking at their phone as they are not able to unlock the device without the password.

Losing a password can be a tricky situation as it involves the risk of data loss. If you are one such user and looking for instant methods to unlock Mi phone without losing the data, you are on the right post. We will tour you into the methods of unlocking the Mi phone.

How To Unlock Mi Phone Without Losing Data?

Fix 1: Unlocking via Google Account

Google accounts play a key role in resetting the password. All you need to have an active internet connection.

You will get to this option by entering the wrong password more than five-time and then click on the forget password option, sign in using the Google account.

Now draw a new pattern or use the new password to lock the screen and go to the further process by tapping on Continue.

Fix 2: Using Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is another method to unlock the Mi phone. To do so, you need to visit the Android Device Manager and log in with your Google account.

Once you logged into the device you need to search three options that are, Play Sound, Lock, and Erase. After clicking on the Lock button.

Entering the details such as a recovery message and phone number will help to unlock your phone. Similarly providing details on the Erase option will reset your device but also remove your data. 

These two were the only options where you can reset your MI phone password without loosing any data.

How To Reset Mi Phone Password But Data Will Loss?

Note: Most of the unlock options will demand resetting the data. Hence, it’s advised to take the backup of your data on external or online drives. 

If you have already taken the backup of data or agree to lose the data from the phone, then go with the underneath steps to unlock the Mi phone. 

Fix 1: Unlock using Find Device Option

You can simply reset your Lock screen password using Mi Cloud. To perform this, you just need to visit and log in with your Mi account.

Once you open your account click on Find device. It will open the device option which is pairing with your Mi account: Press on your connected device model and you will be moved to the Wipe Device option that allows you to wipe all the data of your Mi device.

It will remove all the security from your phone and allow you to enter into it.

Fix 2: Reset Using Recovery Mode

Inserting the wrong password in your device can lock your device for a particular time and if you do it constantly your device will be locked permanently.

On the screen you will see the forgot password option when you click on it, you will enter into the password recovery process.

Here how it goes; You need to move your device into Recovery Mode; turn off your device by long pressing on Volume Up and Power Button at the same time.

It will open the device in Recovery Mode. Now you will find the option to clean data, picking it will remove all of your phone’s data and therefore you can lockout of a forgotten password.


These are common troubleshooting methods to unlock the Mi password with or without losing the data. Always use the safe password and enable all the security features on your device. It will help to recover or regain access to your device in any case of any discrepancy. 

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