How To Fix Icegate Error Code sb004?

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According to Icegate’s official support page, the following Icegate error code sb004 primarily occurs when the transmission of shipping bill or invoice record are repeated or there is a duplicate of the same generated, where the earlier issued or generated bill might have already been validated.

Fixes For Icegate error code sb004

There is not much available online which specifically points out steps or solutions in solving the following sb004 error. But, since the error is mainly seen to be caused by a duplicate or repeated transmission of shipping bill or invoice. You might want to check for such repeated bills or invoices which might be causing such an error and remove them to see if doing so can help with the error.

In case you need any kind of help or clarification then you can also reach out to the Icegate support, and to contact them you can refer here.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Icegate error code sb004 occur?

Icegate error code sb004 mainly occurs when users try to generate invoices or the transmission of bills for claiming IGST refunds.

What happens because of the Icegate error code sb004?

Icegate error code sb004 might prevent users from successfully validating their bills for IGST refunds.

What are the troubleshooting steps to fix Icegate error code sb004?

As of now there are no specific troubleshooting steps for the Icegate error code sb004 . However, you can try removing a bill or invoice entry which you might doubt to have been validated already or one which has been causing the following error to occur.

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