How To Fix Origin Error Code 10048?

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Origin error code 10048 is coupled with the issue of making a purchase on the game client. The issue really is that the Origin game client cannot connect to the server, and this can happen because of many reasons. The reasons can be issues with the device, the internet, conflicting programs, and update problems. Here is how you can solve this issue in many different ways.

How to get rid of the Origin Error Code 10048?

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

To connect to any particular server, you need to connect to the internet. In the case of game clients like Origin, this connection needs to be secure and stable as well.

The internet should also have sufficient speed to connect to the game server consistently. 

If you suspect that the internet connection might be the cause of this issue, you can check to see if you are using a mobile connection. If the answer is yes, you need to switch to a wired connection, this will help you to establish a better connection. If you are using a wired connection from the start, you need to check the internet speed.

To check the speed, Google Internet Speed Meter. Now run a speed test for the network that you are using. You will see a real-time report for the connection. 

If the speed is slow, connect with your internet service provider for the resolution of the issue.

Fix 2: Check if the Origin Game Client Server is down

If your Internet connection is working fine, you need to now check if the origin game client server is down.

This can happen when too many players have logged in at the same time and they’re trying to carry out processes that the server is not able to handle. You can go to the Origin player forum to see what the other players are saying about the same. 

If you do not want to spend time on the player forum, then you can Google Down Detector and run a test for the Origin game client server.

You will see a report which is current and about the different areas that are facing an outage with the Origin game client at the moment. If you write in an area that is facing downtime for the origin server, then you should wait and come back later because there is nothing in your hand that you can change to get rid of this issue.

Fix 3: Close the conflicting programs in the background

On the device that you’re using for accessing the origin game client-server, you should close all the programs that are running in the background.

When too many programs are fighting for the memory resources of their device, then it is possible that one of the programs will not be able to get the resources that are necessary for it to function.

When you are using the origin game time, that should have memory free because it is a heavy program.

Shut down all the programs in the background and if you do not want to take the hassle of shutting down all the programs then you should restart the device. This will close all the conflicting background processes and when you relaunch the device then it will be able to allow all the memory resources to be allocated to the Origin game Client.

Fix 4: Delete Origin Game Client and then reinstall a fresh copy

Sometimes the files of the origin game client that you have downloaded are not compatible with the system that you are using because it contains corrupt files in the directory.

It can also cause a problem with Some important files from the directory are missing. In this case, you will not be able to repair the game client no matter what you do.

To get rid of this issue you should delete the origin game client and then reinstall a fresh and updated copy.

This will delete all the corrupt files from the directory and replace them with fresh and normal ones. You will also not have to go with the hassle of identifying what files are corrupt and replacing them manually.

Fix 5: Check your network firewall settings

The network firewall on your device can block a lot of programs that you are trying to launch. This program has the power to shut down all the processes that it deems malicious for the connections on your device.

However, sometimes the program makes a mistake and also shuts down processes that are minimally invasive and not harmful at all.

If you’re not sure that the Origin game client is on the block list of your network firewall, you can launch the settings and then check the block list manually. If you find the Origin game client on the block list, remove it and also added to the exception so that this does not happen the next time you are trying to launch the game client.

Fix 6: Disable the VPN you are using

When you’re using the Origin game client, it does not favor the presence of a Virtual Private Network on the device.

Because the game plan needs to identify your presence and IP address, which is not possible when you’re using a Virtual Private Network to access the platform through a different server.

If you’re using a Virtual Private Network, we suggest that you shut down the VPN, all the processes related to it in the background.

Now re-launch the game client and carry out the process that you were trying to carry out in the first place.

Fix 7: Contact the EA support team

If you have heard all the solutions that we have suggested on the list but you’re still not able to get rid of this issue, then you should contact the support team.

They will register your complaint and also give you a support ticket that you can follow till the resolution of the issue.

You can also visit the Origin Game Climb forums on platforms like Tumblr and Twitter, where other players will help you get rid of this issue by suggesting different solutions.

To conclude

The Origin error code 10048 is an issue where you will not be able to launch the Origin game client or carry out a transaction on it.

As we have already mentioned above, there are many reasons behind this and that is very hard to pinpoint a single reason without having the background of the issue. This is why we have mentioned all the solutions above and you can pick out the best according to your situation.

We hope that this was a helpful resource and you were able to get rid of the issue with our help. Keep following for more gaming and technical advice.

Happy gaming!!

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