How To Fix Outlast Error code f1c1?

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Here in this article, we will share the details for the Outlast error code f1c1.

The error reads “Unexpected error while contacting a Red Barrels service. There was an error while requesting platform information required for authentication to Red Barrel services.”

As per our research, the error comes when users try to load into the game, and the error primarily comes when there is some server-side issue or if there are some temporary issues with the device/game.

Fixes For Outlast Error code f1c1

Fix 1: Try Restarting Your System

To deal with the issue, our first recommendation will be for you to shut down your gaming device along with your internet for around five minutes, and then restart them. Once your device restarts, relaunch the game to check if the error still appears.

Fix 2: Check If You Need To Update The Game

If the error still appears after restarting the device and internet, then check if you have a pending update for the game, if so then consider updating the game and then check for the error again.

Fix 3: Check Gaming’s Platform Server Status

If the game is up to date with its latest version then we suggest you check your gaming platform server status to find out if there is something wrong on their end.

Steps To Check Xbox Server Status

  • Go to the Xbox Live status.
  • There check if you can see the status “All services up and running”. If not then this means an issue with the Xbox Live.
  • From there you can also check the status of other Xbox services.

Steps To Check PSN Server Status

  • Go to
  • There check if you can see the “All services are up and running” status. If not, then there are some issues with the servers.
  • There you can also check if any specific part of the PSN service facing any issues.

Steps To Check Steam Server Status

Steps To Check Nintendo Switch Server Status

Fix 4: Wait And Reach Out To The Red Barrels

If the above suggestions are not helpful to you then we suggest you reach out to The Red Barrels support to create a support ticket to have further help with the issue.

But before reaching out to the game support, we advise you to wait for a couple of hours and try entering the game again. If the error persists then it’s the right time to reach out to the game support.

Here is how to contact The Red Barrels,

  • Visit Red Barrels Discord.
  • Then go to the section “Support Ticket”.
  • Then report your issues.

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