Rural & Semi-Rural Skill Development Program

Quaries Skil Development Program

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We are now motivated to provide the very best of opportunities to new talents from all across the country who are keen in sharing their experience and innovations with an element of countryside savor.

Our aim and vision is to be able to incorporate willing individuals from both rural and semi-rural neighborhoods to create a dynamic form of work culture, where both traditional as well as modern aspects are taken into consideration and are worked upon hand in hand to create the perfect synergy. 

With this, not only do we look forward to bringing highly skilled individuals onboard. But, at the same time also help them curate their skills to better cope up with the needs and requirements put forward by the global market today. 

We look forward to building a platform which can prove to be a stepping stone for such young individuals skilled in both traditional as well as modern technologies and artforms to better make themselves available to the people and organizations who need them, without having to leave the comfort of their home. 

We are working on a future, where we can provide opportunities to talents from far away lands and regions to showcase their talent and get the recognition they deserve, without having to come far away from their home sweet home. 

The principles and ideas on which our very foundation is set up is rather very simple. We believe that in order to showcase one’s talents and skills, there is no need to travel to far off places and waste resources unnecessarily, which rather could have been invested elsewhere on things that actually mattered. 

Today, where most of the world and modern day talents have just limited themselves to cubicles and walls. We want to bring a revolution, where one has the privilege to enjoy his or her work from where they find themselves most comforted and productive. 

We are planning and working hard to change the very dynamics of the modern work culture. We hope to bring a change which not only blooms joy in working towards a common goal but also helps creativity flourish as it should, without any stress and boundaries. 

For this we need your help. We need you to be onboard, so that we can continue our journey to bring the revolution much needed today in this straight-cut expensive world. 

if you are willing to join us then you can contact us here.