How To Fix The Finals Error Code -1 “Kicked From Server”?

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  • Game: The Finals
  • Error code: -1
  • Error says: kicked from server: Error code: -1
  • Occurs: The error mainly comes while connecting or reconnecting to the game.
  • Effect of the error: Because of the error users can’t play the game

One common issue which recently The Finals players are facing is the error code -1 which is disabling the users from joining the game.

If you are also having this error then here you can find all the details for this error.

What is The Finals Error Code -1?

First of all, this is a very common issue currently, a huge amount of disconnects have been reported by the users with the same error message “Kicked from servers”.

As per most of the users’ complaints, this error mainly comes when users try to enter a match or if they try to reconnect to the game.

The most unfortunate thing is that some users have maintained that they get this error on the final round. After finishing all the rounds, the game didn’t load into the final round, and when players try to rejoin they get this error.

The Finals Error Code -1

One common thing we have noticed is that many players are getting disconnected as soon as they enter the 3rd round, and when they try to rejoin this error welcomes them.

The Finals Error -1

How To Resolve The Finals Error Code -1?

As of now the game is released in the beta, and these kinds of disconnection problems are common with beta versions of any games. It’s really disheartening but there is nothing much we can do as this is the game itself that is causing this problem.

Here are a few suggestions we would like to share, which may help in your journey with this game.

  • Restart the device on which you are playing along with the internet.
  • Make sure your internet is stable and working with good speed.
  • Keep checking for new game updates, all the new updates will come with patches for all those issues that players are currently facing.
  • Make sure your device is up to date with the latest firmware version.
  • If you are playing on Steam then make sure your Windows PC drivers are also up to date.
  • Keep an eye on the official Twitter handle and Discord to get any updates for any known and unknown issues.
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