How To Fix Uncharted 4 Error “Iinitializing Session Manager”?

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Uncharted 4 Error "Iinitializing Session Manager"

There is an issue with the game Uncharted 4 that players have been facing for a long time. This shows up in the multiplayer mode of the game.

This is the Unchartered 4 error initializing session manager.

The initializing session error shows up on the game when the players try to launch the multiplayer mode. Some players have mentioned that when they try to hit options, the game loads for some time and then crashes with the error code showing up. 

To solve this issue, there are many reasons behind the issue and they need to be discussed in detail. In the next section, we will discuss the solutions for the error. Let’s get into it without any further delays.

Fixes for Unchartered 4 initializing session manager error

There is no point in playing a game single-handedly if you got into it for multiplayer gameplay. 

Players have been complaining of being kicked out of the multiplayer mode of Unchartered 4 when they try to launch the game and the error that shows up when this happens is initializing session manager. Let’s discuss the different scenarios for the issue and how exactly can you get rid of the issue using different fixes.

Fix 1: Restore the game license

If you are facing issues with the game, some players on the user forum have suggested that you should try to restore the game license.

A fault in the game license can cost you many features of the game like the multiplayer mode and you might face issues. We know that this sounds like a very tech-heavy solution but we can help you with the steps for restoring the game license. Here is how you can do this.

  • Launch the Game Settings
  • Click on the option that reads PlayStation Network/Account Management
  • Under this tab, you will find the option to restore licenses.
  • Click on the option to Restore Licenses.
  • Now the issue will be taken care of as the game license will be restored.

This fix has helped many users get rid of the issue and might help you too.

Fix 2: Reinstall the game

There are many files that are downloaded with the game database for the game to work properly.

The database of these files should have all the necessary files and these files must be in working condition. In the cases where certain files are missing or have gone corrupt, you will need a replacement for them.

To solve this, you need to delete the game and the related files database. Now reinstall the game. Try launching the multiplayer mode now and see if the issue is solved.

Fix 3: Try to login through singleplayer mode and then move to multiplayer

Some players have found a workaround for this issue in terms of logging in procedure. If you directly launch the link for Unchartered 4 Multiplayer mode, you might keep facing the issue.

To sidestep this issue, log in through the Unchartered 4 single-player mode. Once you are able to launch the game and log in, try to access the multiplayer mode. 

This might help the issue as well.

Fix 4: Install the game client’s beta version

There are some glitches in the regular version of the game that are not present in the beta testing version of the game.

Some players have found this also as a workaround. This will not solve your issue but if you are not interested in spending your time with the issue, you can try this solution.

Download the Beta version of the game client and try to play from that one. If this launches multiplayer for you then the issue is solved.

Fix 5: Update the game to the latest version

If the game is not updated to the latest version, you will not be able to get it connected to the game servers.

This will cause issues like not being able to launch multiplayer mode. This is because the multiplayer mode requires you to communicate with the other players keeping the server as a mediator. 

When you face this error, take this as a reminder to update the game to the latest version. Also, turn on automatic updates over Wi-Fi so that the game is updated automatically whenever you connect to Wifi.

Fix 6: Check your internet connection

It is very important to have a reliable internet connection whenever you play a game online if the internet connection is slow, you will not be able to access the server once again.

If you are able to launch the game but the functionality of the game is messed up, this most likely means that the speed of your network is not sufficient.

To check for sure, you need to launch an internet speed meter tool. You can easily find one through a simple Google search. Once you get the report for the internet speed, you need to see if the speed is optimal for gameplay.

If the speed is slow and you are on a mobile network, switching to a wired connection might help. In other cases, you need to contact your internet service provider to help with the issue.

Fix 7: Check the status of the Unchartered 4 Game server

The gameplay that you are trying to launch depends entirely on the status of the game servers.

If too many players have logged in at the same time, there is a possibility that the server might crash. This is because the server is not made to withstand such huge amounts of traffic congestion. 

To check the status of the game server we will again use Google. Launch Google and search for Down Detector.

Now type in the name of the game server in the search bar for the down detector tool. You will see if there is a server outage reported especially in your area. If the server is down you will have to wait till the coast is clear before you can resume gameplay.

Fix 8: Contact the Unchartered 4 Support team

If none of the above solutions have helped you, only the official support team can help you. They can point out the exact issue that you are facing and therefore suggest the best-case scenario for your issue.

You can also decide to visit player forum discussions for advice. You can find these forums on Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter, etc. There is a lot of reliable advice on the forums.

To conclude

The Unchartered 4 initializing session manager error is an issue that the players face when they launch the multiplayer version of the game.

We have mentioned the solutions for the issue that were suggested by the official support team as well as from the player forums so that you can find the roadmap to the solution of this issue in one place.

We hope that we were able to help. Keep following for more gaming and technical advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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