How To Fix Zapier “403 Error Code Forbidden”?

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According to Zapier’s official website, if you see the following Forbidden error code when trying to connect Zapier to any other website design platform, then, it usually means that permission for a particular step or function is being denied between the platforms.

Moreover, whenever the error shows up on a user’s screen. It most often prevents the program from connecting to other platforms from which data is to be retrieved or sent to complete an operation as set by the user. 

To deal with the following error, we have tried to come up with a few solutions out there, which we have managed to filter out after having gone through several discussion forums and threads online. 

These solutions have been reported by users themselves and seem to be working, if not for all then quite a few. Hence, if you may too try them out and see if they can help in solving the particular error. 

Zapier "403 Error Code Forbidden"

Fixes For Zapier Error Code Forbidden

Fix 1: Build And Create Separate APIs

Depending upon which website builder platform you may be using to design your website, you may have to do things a little differently in each case. 

Hence, if you are using builders platforms like Squarespace or any other similar platform. Then, you may want to build separate APIs for each feature of your website separately. This way you might be able to pinpoint the cause of the error specifically and make the required changes accordingly to fix the problem, as was the case for the user in the screenshot above.

Zapier 403 Error Code Forbidden

Fix 2: Edit .htaccess File

This is a bit technical. Hence, if you don’t have much idea in programming, I would recommend skipping this step to try out easier solutions as shown further below.

However, if you know what .htaccess is and are confident in editing codes inside the .htaccess file. Then, you can try out commenting the codes out which you may deem is not needed as was done by the user in the screenshot below. And once you do that, check to see if doing so helped in fixing the error. 

Usually, codes that are related to RewriteRule and RewriteCond have been pointed out by the user who has tried out the following solution. Hence, you can do the same and see if it proves to be of any use.

Zapier 403 Error Code Forbidden

Fix 3: Update Apps

There may be times, when certain errors may show up as a result of the platform being outdated or some other plugin installed in the platform not being updated for a long time. 

Usually, when such programs are not updated regularly. They may fall short of carrying out certain functions that may be necessary for the website to run properly. Hence, in such cases, if you feel that either your platform or any plugins or other third-party apps being used in the website are outdated. And that is what might be causing the following error to occur. Then, without wasting any time, try updating them and check to see if that can help solve the problem for you.

Zapier "403 Error Code Forbidden"

Fix 4: Increase Request Counts

Sometimes, due to a limited number of request counts allowed per day or month, the following error may occur. Whenever the number of requests surpasses the amount allowed. Then, this usually prevents the programs from making any other requests, due to which such errors arise. 

Hence, in such cases, as had been done by the user in the screenshot above. With the help of a third-party plugin or integration, you can increase the number of requests for the default to as many as you want.

Zapier Error Code Forbidden

Fix 5: Disabling Plugins

If it is the plugins that are giving you trouble and preventing operations and requests from running properly. Then, disabling them might also prove to be a good idea. All you need to do is simply head to your plugin’s section on your builder platform, and try disabling one plugin at a time to see which plugin might be responsible for the following error. 

The following user has reported to have tried the solution by himself and have said to have found it useful. The same user has also mentioned that changing the page’s Permalink from the Plain type to other types may also help to solve the particular error. Hence, if you haven’t yet tried the following solutions. You might as well give it a try and see if it helps in your case as well.

Zapier Error Code Forbidden

Fix 6: Allowing Firewall access 

A few users have also reported that the reason why they had been facing the error was as a result of their firewall preventing Zapier from establishing a secured connection. 

Sometimes, this can happen due to an update with your Firewall service, automatically putting Zapier or their bots into its unallowed lists of apps or programs. This as a result may prevent Zapier from establishing connections and carrying out operations.  

Hence, to fix such an issue causing the error. You can try allowing or enabling access to Zapier for the required settings as had been mentioned by the user in the screenshot above, and check to see if it helps deal with the error.

Zapier Error Code Forbidden

Fix 7: Contact Support or create a Ticket

If none of the solutions mentioned above work for you. Then, you can always try connecting to Zapier’s tech support directly by creating tickets for your particular issue and getting help from the experts to solve it. 

Zapier Error Code Forbidden
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