How To Fix 9anime Error Code 232011?

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If you are trying to play any title on the 9anime but receiving the error code 232011 which reads “This video file cannot be played” then don’t worry because here in this article, we are going to share the details for this error.

In our research, we have found that the error only occurs to specific servers and using the other servers doesn’t show the error so one simple fix to this error is to use the alternate server.

But there is another problem, that all the servers don’t work the same way. Some servers load and function fast but some servers are very slow with lots of general issues, so this error becomes a serious concern when the error starts to appear with the fast servers.

According to our research, this error typically comes when the system denies the ability to load cross-domain requests and this can be caused by several different reasons such as any conflicting browser settings, using an adblocker, outdated browser, etc.

9anime Error Code 232011

Fixes For 9anime Error Code 232011

  • Our first suggestion will be to close the browser and relaunch it. Next, check if you need to update your browser, if so, then update it and check for the error again.
  • If the error persists then press and hold the shift key from the keyboard and then refresh the page, and then after 2 to 3 seconds release the key. Doing this will refresh the PC to have a fresh copy from the server instead of your cache.
  • Next, try using the 9anime under your browser incognito/private mode. If the error doesn’t come under the incognito/private mode then it may mean that you need to clear your browser cookies or need to disable your browser extensions.
  • If you use any adblocker browser extension or app then consider disabling it and then check for the error again.
  • Next, you can try using any alternate browser, just make sure to not use a browser that has an inbuilt adblocker or similar features.
  • If the error still occurs then try connecting your device to another network. In case you don’t have access to any alternate wifi connection, then you can connect over a mobile hotspot connection.
  • If the error still appears over the alternate network then there is a possibility that something is wrong with the server. In that case, you should consider using the other servers.
  • If you are done with everything and you are also having the error with all the servers then possibly there is something wrong with the 9anime or with the particular title you are trying to watch. In that case, consider using 9anime similar sites.

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