How To Fix Among Us Error Friend Code Fail (FriendCodeFail)?

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As per our research users may experience the error code FriendCodeFail (Friend Code Fail) with the Among Us while signing in to their account.

  • Based on our research the FriendCodeFail error may read one of these two messages,
    • “Something went wrong with signing into your account. Please try again later. Error FriendCodeFail”
    • “Unable to connect to innersloth server(FriendCodeFailed)”

As of now, there is no official information from Among Us about this error so we don’t know exactly how to resolve this problem but during our research, we have found a few workarounds shared by those users who had this error in the past. Below you can find all those workarounds that we have found in our research.

Fixes For Among Us Error Friend Code Fail (FriendCodeFail)

Note: These are just temporary workarounds so they may work for some users but for some users, they might not work.

  • If you still haven’t restarted your device then we will suggest you to start troubleshooting the error by performing a reboot for your gaming device and internet. You need to shut down your gaming device and internet and make sure to disconnect them from the power source. Then wait for around five minutes and restart them. Then check if the error still comes or not.
  • If you still get the error then we will advise you to check for any pending updates for the Among Us or your gaming device. In case you find any pending updates whether it’s for your gaming device or Among us then consider installing and then check for the error again.
  • If the error continues and your device language and region are set to anything other than English (US) then consider choosing English for your device language, and for your region choose US. Then check if the error still continues or not.
  • If the error still comes then as a last resort you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game on your device. In our research, we have found that for many users reinstalling the game helped fix the issue but for many, it doesn’t work, so if you are willing to give it a try then you can consider reinstalling the game to check whether this helps resolve the issue for you or not.
  • At last, if nothing above helps you resolve the problem then we will advise you to contact the Among Us team to report this problem, maybe they have some information on this specific error code if not then they can provide further instructions. To find the contact details to reach out to the Among Us team you can refer to

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

When Does The Among Us Error Code FriendCodeFail Occur?

Among Us error code FriendCodeFail mainly comes while logging in to the Among Us account.

What Happens Because Of The Among Us Error Code FriendCodeFail?

Among Us error code FriendCodeFail prevents the users from logging in to their account.

What Are The Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Among Us Error Code FriendCodeFail?

To fix the Among Us error code FriendCodeFail users can try restarting their device along with the internet, checking updates for the game, checking updates for their gaming device, reinstalling the game, and contacting the Among Us support.

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