How To Fix Axis Bank “Exception -99 Occurred” Error?

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In this blog we post we are going to talk about error code -99 while logging into the Axis Bank website or app. The error says “Exception -99 Occurred“.

As per our research Exception -99 error can occur because of some temporary glitches with your device or the app, and in some cases, the error can also occur because of your device/browser incompatibility issues.

Below we have shared all the workarounds that you can try to resolve this error with the Axis Bank website or app.

How To Fix Axis Bank “Exception -99 Occurred”?

Fix 1: Make Sure Your Browser Or The App Is Updated

First thing you need to make sure that your browser or the app is not outdated.

  • If you are using the Axis Bank website from your browser then check if your browser needs to be updated, If yes then consider updating the browser and then check for the error.
  • If you are using the Axis Bank app then make sure the app is updated with the latest version. To check updates for the Axis Bank app, go to the app store and search for the Axis Bank app. If the app needs to be updated then you will see the update option next to the app name.

Fix 2: Refresh Firefox

If you are using the Axis Bank website from a Firefox browser then try refreshing your Firefox browser

  • Tap the three parallel line Menu button.
  • Then tap Help.
  • Then choose More Troubleshooting Information.
  • Then tap Refresh Firefox.
  • Then Refresh Firefox again.
  • Now Wait till Firefox finishes the process.
  • Once the refreshing process is done, you will be promoted with the finish window, and from there tap Finish.
  • Then check if you still receive the error with the Axis Bank website.

Fix 3: User Any other Browser

Next, you can try using any other browser of your choice. It may be possible that your browser and the Axis Bank website have some compatibility issues, resulting in this error. If this is the case then using Axis Bank from any other browser may help you get rid of the error.

Fix 4: Reinstall The Axis Bank App

If you are using the Axis Bank app, and you are already using the latest version of the Axis Bank app but the error is still coming then you should remove the Axis Bank app from your phone by uninstalling it and then reinstall the app.

  • Uninstall the Axis Bank app.
  • Then Restart your phone.
  • Then go to the App Store.
  • Then Reinstall the Axis Bank app.
  • Then check if the error still continues.

Fix 5: Contact Axis Bank Customer Support

If you still receive the error then you should contact Axis Bank customer support to report this issue. If the error is coming from Axis Bank’s end because of some system issues then they will inform you about it, but in case there is nothing wrong on their end then they help you further with the issue.

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