How To Fix BBC iPlayer Error Code 02066?

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If you are using the BBC iPlayer app and are seeing the following BBC iPlayer error code 02066. Then, chances are that you are seeing this as a result of a bug or issue within the app itself or due to some kind of conflict within the iPlayer app and other third-party apps installed on your devices. 

There can of course be other reasons as well behind the particular error to occur, such as an outdated app, driver or OS system, as well as an unstable or slow internet connection. 

Hence, it is important that you have everything up-to-date as well as check for the health of your internet connectivity and make sure that you have a stable and fast internet connection for smooth video streaming.

BBC iPlayer Error Code 02066

Fixes For BBC iPlayer error code 02066

We have done some digging on our own by going to various discussion forums and threads, and have found out that besides the more common conventional troubleshooting solutions such as updating firmwares, apps and drivers, checking internet connectivity, resetting network devices and power cycling your devices, you may also want to try out these few rare ones which users have reported to have used and found handy. 

Fix 1: Clear app cache

There may be times when cache data stored up on your app may be the reason for such an error to occur, if there is any kind of conflict between the stored up cache data and new data being fed in or trying to be retrieved from BBC servers.

BBC iPlayer Error Code 02066

Hence, in such cases, clearing up such cache from the app might be the best solution out there to solve the following if that indeed may be the case. 

You can however also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app from and back into your device. This way you will be clearing the cache and updating the app at the same time. Hence, it is more of a two in one approach to try and solve the particular error by clearing up any conflicting cache as well as fixing any temporary bugs or glitch within the app.

Fix 2: Clear browser cache or history

Similarly, if you are trying to stream content on iPlayer directly over your browser and see the following error on your browser screens. Then, clearing up your browser’s cache or history may help do the trick as it did for the user you can see in the screenshot below.

BBC iPlayer Error Code 02066

Fix 3: Disable VPN

If you are in the UK and are using any third-party VPN app or service to stream content over the app. Then, too, you might come across a particular error. 

BBC iPlayer Error Code 02066

In such a case, as have been mentioned by the user in the screenshot above, you can try disabling or switching off such a VPN app or service and check whether doing so helps with the following error.

Fix 4: Update System firmware

Depending on where you are using the app, you may want to try and update the firmware or OS of the particular device or platform. 

BBC iPlayer Error Code 02066

Sometimes, if a firmware or driver is outdated. Then, due to compatibility complications too, such an error may occur. 

Hence, it is important that you update such firmwares or OS and even reset your network devices to see if doing so helps you deal with the particular error.

Fix 5: Switch Region with VPN

BBC iPlayer Error Code 02066

If for some region you are out of the UK and are trying to stream content on iPlayer from some other region. Then, you can try changing your location to UK with the help of a VPN app or service as done by the user in the screenshot above, and you should be able to stream content on iPlayer from there.

In case you are using a free VPN then this can also be the issue as most of the time they are unable to bypass the security, we will recommend using a good paid VPN such NordVPN, etc.

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